How You Can Manage SEO For A Good Brand Reputation Score?

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Many brands do not understand the importance of SEO in brand reputation. According to them, SEO and online reputation management are two separate factors that need to be focused on separately.

But what if we say, SEO and online reputation management go side by side. For example, if you are fixing SEO factors, it will get reflected in your ORM aspects. Therefore, if you are thinking about your online reputation repair, you have to start with SEO. The most interesting thing about digital marketing is that all are interconnected. So, you just can’t underestimate anything.

Now the question is – Why you need to focus on SEO for the brand’s reputation?

As we all know, customers are now utilizing the online interface to search their queries and placing an order. Therefore, the user’s online experience starts from the moment they make an online search. Suppose a user search with a relevant keyword and your brand name gets displayed on the top results. It is quite natural that the user will click on it and make any further action.

It is said that users find the brands more reliable when they are visible on the top search results. This happens when the brand has good customer reviews, good brand presence, better engagement, and so on. All as a whole leads to a strong reputation online.

So, are you ready to improve your SEO for a better reputation score? Here’s how you can manage it.

How to manage SEO for a better brand reputation?

1. Start with auditing your website: You can’t fix your fault unless you are aware of the area where you need to fix it. Right? The same is for your website. For fixing your reputation score or to improve your website SEO, you have to learn about the areas where you need more attention. And this is possible only when you audit and assess your website performance.

Start with auditing your website. An in-depth audit will give you a complete idea about the website and other online properties. In the pipeline, you can assess your website performance metrics, learn whether the site is fully optimized, or need more improvements. You can figure out your social media activities and engagement level, and substantially manage the business listings.

Conducting an audit is very important to analyze whether you have missed any business opportunities or not. And if it is a yes, then why. Things should be clarified.

2. Optimize your website: Once the auditing the done, it is time to optimize the website and make it up-to-the-mark for digital business. The optimizing process starts with researching your brand-specific keywords extensively. Finding the right anchor texts is important to create brand-specific content and target the right audience using several digital mediums.

Other than keyword optimization, you should also pay attention to your website content. Sometimes it’s the website content that pushes back the potential customers. You must optimize your content as per the keywords and make it more relevant and unique for the customers. The sooner you fix the content along with the blogs, the better you drive more traffic to the website. One of the primary aspects of building a good SEO strategy.

3. Introduce influencer marketing: Being a business person, your main objective is to drive more sales by encouraging more customers to make a purchase decision. So true. But sometimes it is more essential to pay attention to your brand recognition and brand awareness. This is possible when you go for influencers, instead of hunting for customers.

Influencer marketing will help in building trust, brand credibility, encouraging more prospects to rely on your brand. It boosts brand awareness making it more visible to potential clients and creating good brand recognition online. The best thing is you can even use this technique to spread your SEO content. The more the influencers write about your brand, the more it gets visible to the online searches on the digital landscape.  

4. Keep monitoring: Hey, it’s not just over. If you want a constant result, you have to keep eye on what it is going around your brand. Use the online tools that are designed to monitor and manage the online activities of a brand.

 For a strong brand reputation, it is necessary to keep a tab on brand mentions and brand reviews. Usually, the customer reviews speak about their personal experience with the brand. It shows how the brand behavior, its products, and its services. However, it is not always that the reviews will be positive. There can be situations when you have to face negative content.

Some prominent tools include Google Alerts, Ahrefs, Brand Mentions, Brand Grader, etc. Just keep monitoring and manage them for better sight.


SEO is indeed the most important factor that influences the brand’s reputation online. Hence, if you are serious about your brand recognition, you must implement a proper SEO strategy and run a successful campaign.

Find a good reputation management company and seek their services for better results.