How Do SaaS Businesses Leads?

saas businesses leads

In the past few years, consumers have changed their products and services buying patterns. Before they purchase anything from one business entity, do their own research for the product by seeing brand and product reviews, advantages, and disadvantages by comparing with other similar products and services. Sometimes consumers also watch product review videos from YouTube and social media platforms or ask their closest ones to share their opinions regarding the product.

By seeing such an inquisitive attitude of customers, it is hard for businesses to convince them by showing them overrated flashy advertisements. Therefore, being a SaaS business, you need to spend 57% of your daily time researching customers’ wants and what your services are actually providing. This process is known as lead generation and requires extra attention for developing compelling lead generation strategies. These significantly focus on the customers’ demands and give a value-driven plan to build such products with execution strategies.

After the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the adoption of the SaaS lead generation strategies’ graph has changed a lot, which means raised a lot on the positive side. These strategies help businesses to bring relevant leads that do not only help them but their customers as well. So now, this is the right time to say no to flashy advertising and say yes to quality and personalized content about products for consumers that actually convey their values equally with products and services.

What Exactly SaaS Lead Generation Includes?

A lead is more like consumers who found your product more promising than other competitors’ and gave you access to their contact information. Being a company, you should turn this interest into the buying action with more influence on other leads for your business.

Any SaaS business must include the following three stages:

Be Visitors’ Attraction Point:

You need to take some actions to attract your consumers to your website or any other platform to give them a form to know their expectation. This action can be a gift card or advertisement about a huge product discount or a sale, or an option to download a free eBook, etc.

Encouraging Action: 

For this, you have to design compelling social media advertisements, like Instagram and Facebook advertisements, with CTAs and must redirect them directly to your website or particular products’ landing page. The next step would be to keep the audience engaged on a particular page and encourage them to click to buy by giving some discount coupons.

Convert Visitors into Leads:

At last, it’s time to convert visitors into SaaS business leads. When they finally buy your product or service, provide another reason to shop further by giving them some extra and limited period offer. This way, you can let them know frequently about your mega sales-related offers and make them visit your site frequently.

Develop SaaS Business Lead Generation Strategies:

Innovative and creative thinking is necessary and key in making a successful SaaS business lead generation strategy.

Create Clear Objectives: 

This is the first step in generating leads and must be specific, obvious, and precise.

  • Outline desired achievements 
  • Marketing and business objectives must match each other 
  • Set KPI and Benchmarks’ metrics for each action 
  • Involve stakeholders in objective brainstorming sessions 
  • Set deadlines for each objective to accomplish 
  • Execute the plan

Identify Target Audience:

The audience is the protagonist in this whole SaaS business lead generation strategy making process. Therefore, it is essential to target a relative audience, understand their requirements and expectations from your brand. It can be identified by creating some surveys or A/B testing advertisements for the general audience base. Within a week, you will find how the audience reacts to your offers and make their list to reach directly to the main audience in the future.

Define KPIs:

For any business, KPIs plays a vital role in tracking specific performance after adopting new business strategies. They identify performance levels comparing with business lead generation rates. They highlight areas which require some improvements and save time and financial resources to figure out whether strategies are capable of delivering value to visitors.

Famous SaaS Business Lead Generation Strategies:

There are several business lead generation strategies, but here, we are listing a few famous ones that are constant and still are being applied in the industries currently.

Create Compelling Content: 

Content is like a live character that speaks for your business products, services to your audiences, and encourages them to visit your site through the CTA button. Since content is essential for lead generation, it requires segmentations. Content segmentation is a process of presenting one motive content into different forms, like video, ppt, image post or infographic, blog post, etc.


We live in a digital era, where most people choose graphical representations over reading lengthy informative blogs. Well, it is obvious, if someone is getting everything in brief as well in less time, then why should they go for the long form content. Videos are entertaining as they include animation, music, and sometimes funny, apart from being informative. Also, the quality of video animation is more capable of building trust among audiences, perhaps a kind of business monopoly. They also provide live interaction to audiences with business developers; hence, they can clear their doubts easily.

Informative Blog Posts:

Many people also choose to gain detailed knowledge about products, like how they work, advantages, disadvantages, et cetera. Today, blogs contain not only text forms but also graphical representations, and some also contain videos, live chats, and many other features. For the nerdy audience, blogs are the best creative tools to convince audiences through catchy titles and inside content, but consistency is necessary to get place into the top SERP results through SEO activities. They include keyword research, tags, such as ALT, hash, and meta, and internal and external linking for CTA to generate leads from third-party and original blog platforms as well.


Let’s take the example of YouTubers; many times, they collaborate and make funny, entertaining, and informative videos, and if you like their work, you visit everyone’s channels and start watching their videos as well. The point is collaboration is not only the market for you but also your partners’ offerings. So, basically, it is a win-win situation for both.

As a SaaS business, you can collaborate or integrate your software product with other ones to make a mega product containing hybrid abilities. Companies can also collaborate by sharing each other’s product details on their social media and web platforms. Using these two approaches, you can make both companies’ relationships stronger and thrive for success together.

Conduct Webinars:

Scheduling a webinar is the most thoughtful decision because it contains time-limits. To make them more attentive, you can also put a non-recording policy on both sides. The subject of webinars varies according to business objectives. It can be about a new software product, a tutorial, a new partnership announcement, or anything else. To make a larger audience attend your webinar, you can announce rewards like a discount on that product with a special invitation code, et cetera. These webinars are more likely to create a strong relationship between the company and consumers.

Final Words:

In conclusion, we would like to say, by automating your SaaS lead generation strategy, you can unfold many benefits than doing it manually. There are many scheduling tools available for social media and websites as well. Also, always review your strategies periodically after applying them and make new changes with the latest trends.
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