Instagram bio links

Before I discuss how to promote any business using Instagram bio links, let me first explain the importance of Instagram. It is one of the essential marketing tools that cannot be ignored. Any business is complete if they are not a part of this giant platform. Though Instagram is an ultimate platform for photo sharing, it is also the most valuable marketing strategy all businesses perform to get their message in front of potential customers. 

Today, Instagram has over 1 billion active users each month. A large number of influencers are also there, with millions of followers. These statistics show that you can easily create your brand awareness using Instagram. If you want to promote your business or brand on Instagram, you must post high-quality, engaging, and user-friendly content. Make sure you post you’re your audience love to read. 

Before starting your marketing plan, you have to switch your account to an Instagram business account. If you don’t know how to change your account, don’t worry. Click on settings and click “switch to a business profile.” There are many benefits of using a business profile. For example, the audience can click on your contact information to connect with you from your Instagram profile. With a business profile, you can create and live Instagram ads without using any Facebook advertising tools. 

How do I promote my business using Instagram bio links?

Instagram bio links or link in bio is the only way businesses use to drive traffic and sales. While scrolling through Instagram, you might have seen the phrase “Instagram bio link” in the posts’ caption. This phrase indicates that you should visit the profile section to find a blue link, called the Instagram bio link. It may direct you to a website, product page, YouTube channel, or simple landing pages host multiple links. 

Use Instagram bio tools

Like other social networks, Instagram also keeps some downsides like a single bio link. Yes, Instagram allows users to keep only one clickable link in their profiles. You may think about how we can share multiple links on Instagram if we’re allowed to have only one? You can connect your audience with your multiple links by using Instagram bio tools. Before diving into details, let me explain why Instagram allows us to have only one link. 

If you’re a multi-social user, you might have seen various spam content, such as spam links, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions in the caption of posts. Due to such spam activities, Instagram doesn’t allow to have multiple links. But thanks to the Instagram link in bio tools that come to help you make the most get out of your Instagram bio links. 

The bio tools allow you to create a landing page so you can house multiple contents in one page. Some of these like LinkBook, Linktree, Campsite are free to use, while some are paid like Shorby. They are easy to use. Just sign-up, create your page, copy its URL, and paste it into your Instagram bio right under the website section. So, you don’t need to change your Instagram bio links whenever you post new content. This way, you can drive traffic and sales where you want.