How you can use your competitors’ followers to your advantage

competitors' followers

In this article, we’ll show you how to analyze competitors’ pages and find a new audience for your account. But first, let’s figure out why subscribers are generally needed for brand and company pages.

Why business needs subscribers

In short, in order to receive money. How does it work?


 subscribers can buy themselves from a specialist or company they follow. The wider the circle of subscribers, the higher the likelihood of sales, especially with competent work with the audience.


It is easier for a millionaire blogger to be an opinion leader (influencer) than a person who has 50 subscribers; they listen to him, his opinion is taken into account, his advice is followed. The same is in business – if millions of people subscribe to a company, it means that it is popular and offers quality goods. The wider the circle of subscribers, the higher the authority of the account/page/group, and ultimately the brand.


 (especially relevant for Instagram), the number of subscribers over a million is a powerful tool for attracting advertisers who will pay for “native” – ​​advertising posts with the most natural presentation of information.

For example, the cost of a post for Olga Buzau varies from 300-400 thousand rubles to a million. Micro-influencers with 5,000-10,000 subscribers work on a barter basis; those who have got about 50,000 subscribers charge $ 50–100 for the publication … Furthermore and more, we move towards Buzau’s fees. The wider the circle of subscribers, the higher the advertising fees.

And in Odnoklassniki, starting in 2017, if the account has a lot of subscribers (earlier – more than 500,000, today – more than 100,000), you can connect to the affiliate program and receive some money for placing advertising content.


 subscribers are the growth of organic reach, for which all SMMs are fighting to the death. The wider the circle of subscribers, the more reactions to posts, and the more reactions, the wider the coverage of new posts. A wonderful vicious circle, which is a sin not to use. And if you know some subtleties … Instagram algorithms, for example, willingly show new posts to those subscribers with whom the page owner has a dialogue in PM. So, addressing direct subscribers with a question, you can additionally increase the reach literally in manual mode. Reach helps sell by providing the brand with an audience.

How Competitors Followers Can Benefit Your Business

What can you do with subscribers to benefit? Especially if the subscribers are not yours at all, but your competitors? Let’s deal with this taking, for example, the Pepper. Ninja service – an audience parser for 4 social networks. The main functionality of the service is aimed at Instagram, but it also allows you to do useful things with an audience of competitors on Facebook, Instagram, and Odnoklassniki. You can also Buy Instagram Followers Canada  and also for other social accounts at a very cheap rate.

The main task that the service solves is the collection of ready-made audiences to which you can launch targeted advertising. That is, Pepper. ninja heals the main headache of a targeting specialist or businessman who decided to set up targeting for himself – how to find people who are interested in the product.

An example of working with the service on Instagram. You are selling home textiles and you want to launch targeted ads with good CTR (click-through rate), low cost per lead, wide audience reach, and, of course, high conversions.

How to proceed? Register – you will get three days of free work with the service with full access to all functions on Instagram. Go to Pepper. Ninja, log in and select “Search Communities”.

A useful trick is to find competitor communities

Enter keywords for your topic, separated by commas in the search field, and click the “Search” button. The process has begun!

Search communities by keywords

You will find all communities with the listed words in their statuses, names or descriptions, one or more. Each of these functions can be selected and ticked off. However, you can narrow and refine your search by specifying:


we are looking for a Instagram community dedicated to home textiles, with 80% of the female audience and with the presence of young women of 27-30 years old in the community. We are looking for two cities – Kursk and Vladivostok; Let’s assume that you are interested in them.

Narrowing down the search

We get a sample: 2 groups were found that fit the given criteria.

We immediately see who the subscribers of each group are – the total number of the audience and the breakdown by age group.

We see a selection of groups and an express analysis of subscribers

If we take a broader view and look for groups with the same parameters throughout Russia, then the search will give as many as 243 communities – this is millions of subscribers!

Without local binding, we find a lot of thematic groups – and each with its own subscribers

Great, but what to do next? Then you can parse all these audiences and … ta-dam! – Set up your targeted advertising on them. These people are definitely interested in your products, they are a warm audience, they can and should be sold.

All found audience can be parsed

Moreover, you can find not just a warm, but a hot audience by sampling people who belong to 2-3-5 communities on the topic of home textiles.