How Can I Promote My Local Business?

Local SEO services in Sydney

In order to make it as a local business, you must be able to adapt to today’s marketing trends. If you are not happy with your sales, then maybe it’s time you step it up and change your marketing strategy. Even if your business is doing well right now you need to prioritize your marketing to stay ahead of the competition. By analyzing the latest marketing trends you will even be able to earn more money from your existing customers. About one-third of small businesses make it past the 10-year mark and if you want to be a part of that statistic then you must get to work. Below, I have listed some of the best marketing techniques that can help you move past your competition as a local business.

1. Use Google’s free listing

With the rise of the Internet, the majority of people search online for local businesses. Having positive online reviews will tremendously impact how much people can trust your business, and it is a feature that you should take advantage of. Google is the biggest search engine out there, that is why you should start there.

Having your business listed in Google’s listing will help local consumers to find you easier when they’re searching for terms related to what you offer. You can set up your Business Profile and manage it using your Google My Business account. Your profile will include things like your address, phone number, working hours, directions and a link to your website. Photos can be added as well to give the consumers a better understanding of your business.

2. Local SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in Google’s search results. As a local business, SEO should be one of your priorities. Google considers factors such as proximity and whenever consumers search for a business or service, Google checks their location and gives them a list of businesses that are close to them. Local results appear in 2 forms, snack pack results and organic results.

The boxed area that appears at the top when a local search is made is called Google Snack Pack, and it displays the top 3 local businesses that are relevant to the search term. According to experts at Team-X who offer Local SEO services in Sydney, about one-third of clicks go to the snack pack results while 40% go to the organic results. Keep in mind that most people search the internet using their phones, so you should make sure your website is optimized for mobile as well.

3. Marketing in your neighbourhood and real life

Another old-school but effective way of marketing is through word of mouth. Also, make sure they write about you in your community newsletter. Flyers can be placed in your neighbourhood, so everyone knows about your business. That first handful of people that find out about your business can bring you many more customers through recommendations. Consider advertising options like billboards and banners, they might cost you a bit but they can be effective in introducing your business to the people.

4. Social Media

A lot can be learned by looking at your social media profiles including what your establishment looks like, what hours you’re open, what services or products you offer, etc. At a time that social media platforms have become a big part of our lives, it is crucial to have an active presence on these platforms. Not only this way more people will see you, but you will also be able to engage and share content with your consumers and followers.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are perfect for anyone starting their business journey as they have a huge number of daily users. Plus they offer great and affordable advertising options that can help you target and reach a specific audience based on a number of parameters(keywords, demographics, location).

5. Discounts

Good prices always attract people. As a local business owner, you should recognize this and adjust your prices so that they make sense in the market you’re in. If you are a new business consider lowering your prices to attract more customers, but if you feel like it lowers the value of your brand then increase your base prices and offer a discount. The thought of a discount is always attractive and has a positive psychological effect on consumers because it makes them feel like they have gotten a deal.

If you are selling online, you can offer a discount code as businesses that have an active discount code are 8 times more likely to make a sale. You can also make your discounts more special by offering them on public holidays and special occasions such as New Year’s holiday, Halloween, Black Friday, etc.