10 Must-Know Things When Hiring A Local SEO Agency

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Are you thinking of hiring an SEO services London agency? There are the ten most important things you must know when considering any potential. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a kind of online marketing, and you need to be on top of the game. The success of your business and the development of its reputation lies on it; that is why you must be sure that the SEO team you are going for can offer you a very successful SEO campaign.

Many companies prefer to recruit a local SEO agency since they understand the cost of having an in-house team. They even get to realise that the local SEO provides hope for a faster and better ranking at an even cheaper rate. 

This makes it a juicy option at first sight, but you need to sustain the ability to spot the right local SEO agency if you must experience the raise. So, how do you get to make the right choice? Let’s dive in!

The 10 most important things to look out for


This is basically the most important thing. A friend once said that experience is showing the client what you have already done. The same applies to hiring a local SEO agency. Get your potential SEO agency to show you some of their performances on Meta descriptions, tags, and keyword analysis. It is hard to get anywhere without those.

You must not look for the company that will come up with the best and complete plan for you, but you should appreciate the one that has the necessary ideas and tactics on how to go about it. 

Experts suggest the local SEO agency you hire should have at least ten years of relevant experiences in SEO. I agree strongly with them since companies with this kind of experience have been able to refine their operating practices in SEO and make them rock solid. The first five years of an SEO agency is full of severe struggles, and a lot of them end up fizzling out. 


They should show proof of what they can do. The reviews are what their past clients had to say about their abilities. When genuinely written, reviews can be an excellent platform on which you make your decision. 

When checking the reviews, let your target be on both the quality and quantity. The agency should have at least 30+ ratings on Google. Also, these reviews should not span less than five years for accurate evaluation.

Do not look for a spotless reputation as some of the reviews may be fake. The real outstanding industries must have feedbacks that span for years and occasionally, some negative reviews. Companies with a 4.5-star rating or more are good enough for you.

3.Case studies

Case studies provide details on the data in the key performance indicators (KPIs) and will guide you towards choosing the highest performing agencies. The KPIs you will find will include impressions, rankings, organic traffic, and conversion rates.

Some may also include data from Google My Business listings like visibility chart, visibility search, website clicks, call clicks, etc.

Though the output may be different between industries, we advise you to look out for a 50 to 300% improvement.

4.Proficiency and professionalism

There are many marketing companies but choosing the ones that specialise in search engine optimisation will do you better than the ones offers SEO and with others. SEO should be the central theme of their company and priority. Always remember that a jack of all is a master of none.

5.Their strategies for building links

Where search engine optimisation is concerned, link building is the most complicated and essential aspect. So, the SEO agency you choose must use link building methods with white hat links. 

Do not go for the old school or black hat link-building methods like bot and the rest. 

The best SEO Company must be one that uses a holistic approach to build ties and integrate and a wide range of methodologies for building links.

6. Keyword research and strategy

Getting the stage ready for an SEO campaign is very vital if it is to succeed in the long term. Ensure the SEO affecting you are entrusting your business to be involved in proper research component that provides a good business model and products.

Ask questions on how they fetch their details and the metrics they use to evaluate the best keywords. 

Also, ensure that they fully understand your market so that they can set successful campaign goals for the business. 

7. Content strategy

This is very vital, and the company you have insight should offer you a sample of content strategy that they will outline for your company. But before this, ensure you tell them about your current products and services so that they can know what suits you best.

8.On-page SEO

It is hard for SEO to be successful without good contents. Find out whether the company will provide you with new contents or if they will make do with the old ones.

If they want to create new contents, ensure that they are knowledgeable enough to write on you’re the various topics related to you.

9.Techniques for report and discussion

Getting reports from your SEO agency is vital. Find out how often the SEO Company sends their reports or if they have a dashboard for you to log in and see your data and statistics whenever you feel like.

We advise you to choose a company that allows you to access your data whenever you want through a dashboard.

10.Website modifications

Some websites may need some modifications on the templates, navigations, contents, etc. for the SEO to work well. So, you have to be sure the agency you are hiring is good at making modifications. 

Let them know the needed change and go on to doing them the right way. Look out for these signs in the first few weeks to conclude whether or not you can trust them. You do not want to hand over your website to an amateur and tear down what you spent so much building.


The SEO consultant London you hire must be worth your money, so stick to hiring the real agency instead of the self-proclaimed. You can trust DubSEO to do a great job. Contact us here.