Google Reviews: The Growth Factor Of Your Ecommerce Website

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E-commerce platforms like Shopify have brought a revolutionary change in the whole retail industry which has made shopping very convenient for individuals. 

However, with the rising competition, it has become crucial for customers to be aware of where they are investing their money. This is why buyers are heavily dependent on online customer reviews for making any of their purchase decisions. 

One of the popular online customer review platforms is Google which has the most authentic and trustable customer reviews. Google reviews have a tremendous impact on every type of business. For this reason, many marketers are integrating the Google review widget on Shopify to support the buying decisions of the customers. 

However, other than driving the purchase decision of the customers Google reviews have various other positive outcomes for your Shopify. This article will focus on that and tell you in detail what benefits Google reviews come with for your Shopify stores.

Thus, hook to this article till the end to know everything.  

Some Basics Of Google Review

Google reviews are the reason that has changed the whole operational pattern of your e-commerce businesses and the way they interact with customers. Google is one of the popular review platforms that consumers prefer to visit to look into the customer’s testimonials for making an informed buying decision. 

When individuals search for any product on the search engine, Google reviews appear under the links on the search page which works as valuable snippets. All the positive Google reviews are not only benefitting for the consumers but are worthy for the businesses as well. Google reviews help your business reach your potential customers and help to decide whether your business is worth their trust. 

This was a little introduction to Google reviews and their positive impact on your e-commerce business. Now without wasting any more time let’s delve into the outcomes when you choose to display Google reviews on Shopify website

The Outcomes Of Adding Google Reviews On an E-commerce Website

As you are busy reading this article your potential customers are busy gathering details about your listed products on Shopify from the Google reviews. It has been found in the studies of Google that nearly 72% of buyers are heavily dependent upon Google reviews to decide whether they should trust a business or not. 

Thus, looking into the fruitful impact of Google reviews on the e-commerce business you should not ignore the benefitting outcomes of adding Google reviews on the e-commerce website shared below. Let’s delve into them one by one.

  1. Trust building 

The first positive outcome of adding a Google review widget on Shopify is the building trust of your buyers. Trust is the foremost thing that will make your potential customers choose your products among the multiple options. 

Google reviews are the testimonials of your existing customers who have used and have practical experience with your product. So, when your potential customers read those positive Google reviews they will feel confident to choose your product on Shopify in just one go. 

  1. Increase dwelling time 

The more time your customers spend on your Shopify website, the more beneficial for your business. Yes, your business will indeed appear more on the relevant search results depending upon the dwelling time of your consumers on your website. 

Thus, showcasing Google reviews on the Shopify website works as an engaging element for your customers to hold themselves and read those reviews. It has been found in research that your customers read probably 6 reviews before they make up their minds to buy from a brand.

So, Google reviews are the perfect tool to make your visitors spend more time on your websites and improve their ranking on Google. 

  1. Great social proof

The buying decisions of your customers are heavily dependent upon the opinions of others. Potential customers love socially approved products and Google reviews are the best social proof for your product which plays an important role in your Shopify website. 

Thus, when you choose to display Google reviews on the Shopify website your visitors will witness the best reviews from your valuable customers which explains the credibility of your product. Thus, showing social proof on your website is the best way to motivate your potential customers to purchase your products.  

  1. The engaging factor for customers

Engagement is the key aspect of your Shopify website to thrive and reach more people over the internet. Correct? Thus, Google Reviews is the best tool that helps your Shopify website in gaining customer engagement. When more people engage with your website it will reach a larger audience and chances that they buy from you.

Thus, Google reviews are the factor that can boost the conversion rate of your Shopify website with better engagement.  

Parting Note

It is very important in this hugely competitive e-commerce marketplace to focus on that one key factor that can take your retail business to heights. Google reviews are the best tool to make your marketing strong. 

It has been found after reading this article that Google reviews have a tremendous impact on the sales of e-commerce sites like Shopify.

This article has been prepared to help you understand the benefits of displaying Google reviews on the Shopify website. Thus, if you are planning to integrate Google reviews on the Shopify website then by now you have clearly understood the benefits of doing so.