7 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Business Page

grow linkedin business page

LinkedIn focuses entirely on business. This is the world’s most famous business interpersonal organisation. Establishing personal authority, establishing connections with business leaders, and raising awareness of your business.

In order to build your company’s presence on LinkedIn, you must create a company page. Consistently, more than 600 million experts use it to make unique interactions, examine their ventures, share information, and foster their professions.

Additionally, it is the preferred platform for B2B prospecting. Businesses can easily connect with customers, rivals, investors, potential employees, and prospects through LinkedIn.

It can be used by sales and marketing to get new business and keep it. Studies have shown that 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B advertisers use LinkedIn to find appropriate content.

1. Upload a great profile image and banner

Make a good impression with your profile image and banner—it’s the first thing people who are looking for your company on LinkedIn will see. Six times as many people visit company pages with profile pictures as those without.

It’s easy to pick a LinkedIn profile picture: take your organisation logo (a similar one you’re utilising on your other virtual entertainment channels) and resize it to fit the stage’s necessities.

There are no strict rules for how to use the profile banner above your company logo (aside from some sizing requirements), so you can be a little more creative.

For its profile banner and profile image, the Jewellery store Pascoes in Richmond uses a collage of lifestyle and product shots.

2. Make sure you’ve optimised your company’s LinkedIn Page 

Before you look at other ways to grow your LinkedIn page, make sure you’ve optimised it.

Put your page in a good position, as LinkedIn says, and complete every one of the suggested advances. This incorporates a careful segment, a profile picture and header, and other pertinent data.

When your page is prepared for individuals to see, begin effectively welcoming your associations by inviting them to follow the page. This is fairly simple to accomplish. On the initial pages, you are asked to invite up to 100 connections each month.

We recommend adding your organisation to your own profile’s experience area and empowering your colleagues to do this. This experience connection appears when both you and your employees are active on LinkedIn, increasing the visibility of your company page.

Last but not least, give some thought to linking your company’s LinkedIn page to other websites. Your email signature and other social media account connections are the best places to put this information.

3. Post Consistent Content 

Take your brand-name content into account. Keep your custom social media images consistent with your brand’s colors and logo if you post them. Being easily recognisable on LinkedIn is an excellent strategy for expanding your business page.

Your brand’s tone should also remain consistent. Do you already have a business style guide? Your brand’s operating manual is basically contained in this document. It comprises your language, the manner of speaking you convey, and the wide range of various ways your image ought to look and sound on the web. In the event that you don’t yet have one, we’d prescribe creating one to assist with keeping your LinkedIn content steady.

4. Be a relevant resource for your audience

LinkedIn is primarily a business-to-business networking social media platform. To urge a group of people to follow your organisation’s LinkedIn page, you need to add to those discussions.

Most important, dependable, and invigorating substance that connects with your business. Organization refreshes, client tributes, industry news, nitty gritty data about your functioning interactions, client features, and numerous other subjects make perfect and instructive LinkedIn posts. Make sure that any external article you link to is fact-checked and relevant to your industry.

Create a posting schedule that works for you at the end. Your company page’s engagement will rise if you show up at least once per week.

5. Write an “About Us” section 

Include relevant keywords in your “About Us” section. A well-optimized “About Us” section on your company page is a paragraph of 2,000 characters or less that tells visitors everything they need to know about your business.

Describe your company’s objectives in terms that anyone can comprehend by employing language that is easy to understand and informed by keyword research.

In the end, you want your About Us section to help people understand the value of your product or service and tell the story of your business.

6. Be engaging and responsive

One reason you’re posting content on LinkedIn is to get comments and offers on it.

It’s easy to dismiss these shares and comments as unimportant when the opposite is true. Your primary audience consists of those who comment on your posts and take the time to do so. 

Because what you’ve said resonates so strongly with the people who share your posts, they want their connections to see it as well.

Recognise and answer a large number of the remarks you get. Draw in your crowd as much as could reasonably be expected. 

They are aware that not all comments are the same. Make sure you acknowledge and respond to the people who ask questions or make thoughtful contributions to your post.

7. Establish a regular posting schedule 

LinkedIn claims that businesses that post at least once per month gain followers six times more quickly than those that do not.

Additionally, compared to company pages with fewer followers, those with at least 150 followers typically receive five times as many views!

To keep your followers interested, you should aim to post to your company page at least once per week (we post twice per week).