Great Ghost writers decrypted

Great Ghost writers decrypted

The world is evolving from its traditional ways and the literary world is desperately trying to keep up. Even though it is leveraging on a lot of new practices, a big part still operates on the old school ways. Not that we are complaining though. Afterall the traditional ways of literature give it the flavor that makes it an art and a unique skill in itself. 

One novel practice, though not very novel these days, is the practice of hiring Book Writers to write your story. Many might have moral compunctions against the practice deeming it unethical, many might say it is a misplaced risk, letting a total stranger handle your book, but these are the debates for a later time. What we concern ourselves with today is a more important discussion: “what must an excellent ghost writer have to make them a go-to ghost writer”

Well, let’s get digging.

A penchant for Story telling

The biggest difference between a great ghost writer and an ordinary one is that the great ghost writer can bring a story jump out of the page for its readers, while the ordinary one just informs. People usually resort to the warm comfort of books to turn off the real world, and immerse into a fictitious, less harmful one. A good ghost writer needs to deliver their readers a lucid experience with their books. An ordinary writer might say “Jane stabbed Nathan”. To the point and terse. A Great ghost writer would say “and before Nathan could react Jane slid the blade right into his solar plexus, thrusting and tugging at the silver razor sharp poking through his skin and aorta. The blood gushing like a pipe leak painting the floor red like a can of spilled red paint.” A Good ghost writer will always add details, small and big, to magnify or enunciate on the emotion to ensure that the reader doesn’t read it but rather live it.

Identify the Voice and tone of the Author

A great ghost writer realizes that they are not just writing but writing for someone else. They need to be adept at identifying the tone and tenor the real author wants to infuse in their story. Allow us to explain this with an example.

“How do you plan on doing that?” and “What’s the plan?”

The two sentences inquire the same, thing just with a different tone

A good ghostwriter must be able to adapt to varying tones to ensure that they deliver the same feel that the real author of the story wants for the reader.

Great ghost writers work for enduring author-writer relationships

Great ghost writers don’t grab on to just about anything but believe in fostering a long working relationship with an author. They attune themselves quickly with the literary idiosyncrasies, the writing styles, the preferred tones and any even the opinions and perspective of the author they are ghost writing for. Not only is such an approach beneficial for the ghost writer but is a positive move in the interest of the client too. The client will have a writer for longer runs and future projects who is well acclimated to their nuances and preferences.

A great ghost writer must be well versed and thoroughly read

Exceptional ghost writers don’t just offer a writing skillset but are a complete package. Ghost Writing Services are often sought by people who usually have a premature idea and want a ghost writer to breathe life into their idea with more ideas and detail. 

A ghost writer worthy of getting hired is the one who doesn’t subscribe to an idea but refines it to perfection or better yet revamp it entirely from scratch. They must be well aware of the literally trends of the genre they are writing for and must not just write what is presented but must be able to constructively critique even to the point where the client might rethink their idea entirely.

Ghost writing is a hush hush business. With no particularly defined or specified certifications or credentials to declare someone as a professional ghost writer, the landscape is replete with wannabe writers. Separating the grain from the chaff, as we should say, and the whole process of getting the perfect ghost writer for your writing assignment can be tricky waters to navigate. 

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