Google Search Console Latest Update – A Guide To Improve Your SEO

Google Search Console

It’s sometimes hard to get in the good books of Google. Unless you keep updating, making sure that you are rightly following Google Algorithm Update. Consistently improving and Google goes hand in hand.

On Mondy, November 20, 2020, Google announced Google Search Console New Features. This new Google Search Console will show in-detailed impressions of your website, a total number of clicks, and another important metric that helps you improve your Google Search Rankings.

There are a variety of factors that determines your Google Search Results. The Google Search Console Tools offers detailed crawl, index, and serving information about your pages, directly from the Google index.

Starting with the basics first, let’s understand:

What Is Google Search Control?

Google Search Console comprises of the intellectual tools that help webmasters, marketers, SEO experts in monitoring the website performance in the Google Search Index 

The New Google Search Console Features offers in-depth information about crawl data, impressions, clicks,  search rankings, queries that bring users to your website, what makes them leave, which pages are performing well and which aren’t. 

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Central it changed to Google Webmaster Tools until this update rolled out as Google Search Control. 

Google Search Console offers to report for the following: 

  • Confirmation that Google is acknowledging your website 
  • It can further crawl the website.
  • Allows the webmasters to fix the problems regarding indexing
  • It prompts to update the content 
  • View search traffic data of your website
  • How often is your website appearing in the Google Search Results
  • Which search results are increasing the web traffic
  • How often users come to your website and stays there
  • Receive alerts when Google prompts some spam, indexing, and other encounters on your website 
  • Further helping you to troubleshoot the issues about search features, mobile usablility, AMP, and so on 

What Is The Latest Google Search Control Updates? 

Google Search Console is helping web marketers, digital strategists, SEO experts globally by offering in-depth data regarding the total number of impressions of your website, clicks, and much more.

This is extremely meaningful data that is beneficial to fix the errors and improve the Page Rankings on Google. The Search Report comprises insights such as web traffic received geographically, which queries were bringing users to your website, devices used to browse your website, and so on. 

This helps Google in displaying the exact results for the users. These rich results include pricing, services offered, availability of the products/services, geohgraphical location, comparing the services/products to take the suitable call.

Google Search Console Update, when added to the search console, helps the entrepreneurs to make a further improvement. Furthermore, analyzing the target audience their preferences, their expectation, and what made them leave your website.

How To Improve Your Business Performance On Google Search?

Google Search Console Tools helps you in measuring the site traffic. Along with the quality of the website traffic that you are receiving, the performance of the website, and how you are fixing the issues if that is hindering your Google Search Results.

Following are the pointers to improve your performance on Google Search:

  • Writing New Content

Old content does not work, will not work. You will need engaging, informative content that answers your audience queries. People Also Ask – PAA is an effective example to follow while incorporating the new content.

  • Optimizing with Google Analytics

Implementing the Latest Google Search Console Updates will help you see which data is bringing the traffic to your website. Furthermore, you will be able to examine which queries have made the user click on your webpage and so on. This way analyzing the website impression, clicks will help you improvise the position on Google Search.

  • Getting your content on Google

Submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling. Review your index coverage to make sure that Google has the freshest view of your site.

Steps To Get The Most Out Of Google New Search Console

If you are new to using the Google Search Console and the Latest Google Console Search is giving you goosebumps not to worry. 

We have lined up few effective steps on how comfortably you can make those changes to improve Google Search:

  • Add and verifying your website

Add and verify your website within Google Search Console. Make sure to enter the website URL exactly like how it appears in the browser. If you have multiple domains, they need to add as separate property. Once the site URL is added, Google Search Console will start collecting the data.

  • Integrating Google Analytics with Google Search Console

Google Analytics provides you with in-detailed traffic performance and conversion data. Whereas,  Google Search Console gives you insights into those search factors derived from that data. 

Linking both of them will give you a huge boost to your reporting. Thus, allowing you to quickly fix the issues hindering your Google Search. 

  • Submit a sitemap

Have no idea if you have a sitemap? Write If nothing shows up, you don’t have one. 

You will require a SITEMAP if you want to get data and insights from Google Search Console.

Take help of Index Coverage Status to work on-site errors

The New Google Search Console dashboard right underneath where it is easy to locate. The Latest Google Search Console Update provides a new report offering the same info as that of old report in addition to a detailed crawling status from the Index. 

Know what kind of insights you can improve to fix the errors

  1. Warnings

Your page is indexed but Robots.txt is blocking it. 

The pages that has been blocked by robots.txt are still be showing in the Index if other pages are linked to it. These warnings are saver when notifying you to correct and de-index those pages.

  1. Errors

Redirect errors, 404 errors, server errors, and a variety of other needs to be fixed

  1. Excluded pages

Web Pages thar are blocked from Indexing, because of noindex issue, duplicate content, repetitive content, Robots. text, crawl irregularity, and so on can be corrected.

Use Performance Report insights to update content

The Performance Report replaces the “Search Analytics” report in the old Search Console. 

The report brings you insights on:

  • Which web pages are showing in the Google Search Results
  • Web Pages that have lower CTR in the past six months
  • Find issues for which you rank ahead in the Top 10 Search Results Of Google
  • Which pages get you a high-quality impression and pages that need improvements so that you can optimize them accordingly to get them into the ranking
  • Which keywords are reasons behind boosting your page visibility

Who Should Use Google New Search Console?

If you want to have the website for the sake of having it and are not interested to update it, this is not for you. Jokes apart, this is for anyone who has a website and wishes to flourish.

Entrepreneurs –  Business owners do not have to be SEO experts or technical. But, having a basic understanding of optimizing the website for Google is important. Understand what all features are helping you to get ahead in the Google Search Rankings.

SEO experts or web marketers – Those professionals who are having a job in online marketing, or as SEO professionals need to learn about these Latest Updates. The Search Console assists you in monitoring the web traffic. Furthermore, gives you detailed insights that are pulling your Google Page Ranking down. Thus, helps you to make an informed decision. 

Website developers –  If you are developing the markup code for the website it helps you to monitor. Along with resolving the common issues and fixing the errors in your structured data.

Wrapping Up

You have come along this far, to go ahead and get it on the Top Results Of Google. Thus, you must stay updated with the Google Updates. This ensures you keep reviving your website to better rank ahead on Google.

It was a long guide but worth reading. Now that you know why updating Google Search Console is important. Also, how this latest feature can help to improve your website rankings. 

No matter how much established your business is, it takes no time to downrank your search rankings if you are not updated. 

Latest Google Search Console Update 2020 is a must-have tool. Thus, use it to figure out hiccups your website is having so that you can improve accordingly. Hence, using it regularly you will eventually see positive results.