Google Cloud: 10 Reasons To Choose It Over Others


Making the right choice about Cloud Hosting!

Virtualization in today’s world of computing means creating virtual storage devices, networks, and computer platforms. A number of virtualization solutions exist. There are also Cloud Storage, Cloud Desktops, and Cloud Servers. All of these use virtualization.

A Cloud Server is a virtual server that is accessed remotely through a cloud service provider, and in order to access this, you must have an infrastructure known as cloud hosting. They are hosted on top of each other and are on-demand.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

The company provides Google cloud computing services that are reliable and highly scalable. In addition to computing and storing data, these services assist developers with building, testing, and deploying applications. Cloud computing services utilizing the internet are provided by Google’s cloud platform, which includes application development, storage, and server-side computing. The platform is trusted by four million apps.

The Google backend uses a simple file system and tries to keep it as simple as possible. Cloud computing relies on this file system. The process consists of writing, reading, and opening requests for information. Computing is distributed in this process.

Check out the 10 reasons of cloud storage for more information on these topics!

  1.     Usability and accessibility
  2.     Security
  3.     Cost-efficient
  4.     Convenient sharing of files
  5.     Automation
  6.     Multiple users
  7.     Synchronization
  8.     Convenience
  9.     Scalable
  10.     Disaster recovery

1. Usability and accessibility

Almost all cloud services feature a drag and drop feature and an easy-to-use interface. Google Drive from Google and Apple iDrive are two examples of cloud-based storage. Both have a simple interface, and uploading your files to your online drive doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.

2. Security

Anytime the internet is involved, then safety becomes our primary concern. Nowadays, both big and small businesses use cloud storage services, so they make sure that the cloud service they choose is more secure before they use the service.

In cloud storage, your data is stored over redundant servers, so even if one of the datacenters collapses, the other data centers will handle your data, making it safe and secure. Cloud storage services are composed of thousands of data centers, making it impossible to lose all your data if all the data centers of the storage provider collapse or are destroyed.

3. Cost-efficient

By relying solely on cloud storage, the business outsources its storage problem. Utilizing online storage, the company reduces the expense of internal resources. The cloud storage company takes care of all of the management and storage of the company’s data, so the company does not need any of its own resources or expertise. Certain cloud storage services offer cloud storage for a lifetime at an affordable price, which is a great offer for small businesses and individuals.

4. Convenient sharing of files

File-sharing features are provided by every cloud storage service, allowing users to share files. A file can either be sent to another user or invited to be viewed by multiple users. The majority of vendors offer a cloud environment in which two users can share their data, although only a few offer cross-platform file sharing capabilities.

5. Automation

As with a traditional hard drive on your system, cloud storage works by storing any file you want, and it does not slow down any running tasks. Since the cloud vendor manages and automates all of the tasks, there may be more than one user using the cloud storage service at the same time.

6. Multiple users

Multiple users can access the same cloud environment. A common file can be shared among multiple users using cloud storage. Multiple users can access and edit your file if you give them access. Your file can be accessed in real-time by the authorized person wherever he or she is in the world.

7. Synchronization

Synchronization is available from every storage vendor. Cloud storage data can be synced with any device using synchronization. The convenience of accessing our data from anywhere in the world is made possible by synchronization, which allows us to access our data from any device. Using your proper credentials, you can access your cloud storage service from any device, and all of the data in it will be accessible. To access all of your files, you need access to an internet connection, so you don’t need to copy data between devices.

8. Convenient

Accessing your data is entirely online, so you don’t need a hard drive or flash drive. Nonetheless, if you wish to download any files or data, you may require a storage device or you can download that data onto your device. On the other hand, if you want to surf your data, then it would not take up any space on your device. Any changes you make to the data will also reflect on all the devices that sync with that storage service. Using the cloud storage service requires no technical or expert knowledge. The vendor does all the heavy lifting. 

9. Scalable

Cloud storage provides scalability and flexibility. The storage plan can be upgraded if it is insufficient. In addition, you do not have to move any data from one location to another, since the extra space will be added to your storage environment.

10. Disaster recovery

Businesses of all sizes have backup storage plans where they keep copies of all their data. Cloud storage is a good solution to this problem since it allows them to recover data in the event of a data loss or collapse. Disaster recovery is made easy with cloud storage. Cloud storage can be used as a way of storing backup data for businesses, so if they lose data, they can recover the backup data from the cloud.


Digital marketing is subject to Google’s influence, and no one can deny that. Company subsidiaries such as Google Cloud are revolutionizing the way businesses are conducted online. Taking a deep dive into the topic, the blog attempts to equip the reader regarding its usage.

With Google cloud technology, small and large enterprises can now access Google technology, especially in web and mobile app development. It has simplified things for app developers. Nevertheless, its reliance on internet connectivity may hinder its progress in the future.

Wings Tech was recently acquired by Google Cloud to assist customers in migrating mainframe workloads to Google Cloud Platform. Many small and large enterprises are increasingly adopting the Google Cloud Platform, which bodes well since it disentangles things and makes them more secure at reasonable costs.