Google Algorithm Update: Crucial Things You Must Be Aware Of

google algorithm update

Are you still in shock with your website ranking getting terribly down? And are you wondering what could be the reason behind it? Well, then know that the reason is nothing but Google algorithm updates. With Google coming up with algorithm updates, while some websites have gained better ranking and more speed, some websites suffered a lot as these updates have directly impacted their ranking. If you don’t know about the updates yet, then let’s take a look at them here-

Google PANDA – Killing Spammy Content

One of the recent updates, the PANDA algorithm is all about assigning ‘quality score’ to the web pages, intended to impact their ranking. As a result of many users requesting for the removal of spammy, duplicate and low-quality content, Google has introduced this update which identifies websites that put content blindly only for SEO ranking or offers poor content.

Google HUMMINGBIRD – Improving Search Experience

Launched to improve the user’s search experience on Google, this update focuses on improving the search itself while working on keywords search. Google HUMMINGBIRD algorithm interprets the intent of the users behind their query and shows search results containing webpages that best qualified for the search. 

Google PENGUIN – Knocking Off Unnatural Backlinks

Apart from having a lot of things common with the PANDA algorithm, it simply evaluates websites for their backlinks. If the backlinks are genuine, from reliable sources, have a contextual connection to the linked pages, and also come from different domains, then they boost the website’s ranking as per the PENGUIN algorithm. But if the backlinks are found to be dubious or from shady sources then, thanks to this algorithm, the site ranking will suffer. 

Google FRED – Putting Off Aggressive Paid Ads

To those who use SEO strategies excessively or with no restraint at all, Google FRED can be a real threat. This algorithm update knocks down the ranking of websites that uses paid and aggressive advertisements, poor quality content and provides the users with poor experiences such as poor quality UX/UI or too many pop-ups. However, websites that offer good content and good user experience have no need to worry, as this update proves to be beneficial for them.

Google MOBILEGEDDON – Improving Mobile Search Experience

This update aims at improving the experience of users on mobile devices. With more and more people performing their search on their mobiles, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are knocked out by this algorithm. Often, opening a website through mobile results in the crashing of the site, and makes the users face obstacles. This update focuses on particular requirements for a site to be mobile friendly, such as limited use of codes, image optimization, use of large fonts, responsive website design, fast loading, etc. Consult with professional providers of SEO Adelaide, if you want to keep your website’s ranking undamaged with MOBILEGEDDON and other recent Google algorithm updates.

Remember, the primary purpose of all these Google algorithm updates is to improve the user experience. Now that you know points where Google might bring your website’s ranking down, work on those points. As long as your website offers genuine, relevant and quality content, all these Google algorithm updates will only improve your ranking more. Seattle fence contractors