New Google Algorithm Update 2021 – Coming May What Kind Of Changes To Expect

google algoritham update

Google Algorithm Update 2021! Again?? Google loves to keep digital marketers on their toes. The moment you feel you are settled in understanding and implementing the past algorithm, the new one is already out. 

Due to the COVID19, Google has decided to give all businesses a heads-up to improve the Page Experience under this algorithm so that your traffic does not go down.

It may feel that it is tough to be in the “Good books” of Google but this time it’s going to be interesting. Let’s explore, the latest Google Algorithm update 2021.

What Is The Latest Google Algorithm Update?

To explain in layman’s terms, Google has come up with the new update “Page Experience” in 2021. The update is all set to launch this May. 

2021 Google Algorithm Update talks about the user experience when it comes to ranking the page. Additionally, Google will also highlight the “visual indicators” highlighting in the pages of the search results offering a great page experience to the readers.

What Is A Page Experience?

A Page Experience comprises signals that will be measuring how the users are perceiving the web page. This set of signals will also measure how is the interaction between the user and web page happening. Trying to know if the webpages are offering valued information. 

Google Page Experience Update 2021 includes “Core Web Vitals”. It has a set of metrics that allows Google to measure real-life user experiences.

Apart from this, it also includes present search signals such as HTTPS, responsive design, visual stability of the page, safe browsing, and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

Page Experience will be a significant update from Google. However, to have a subpar Page Experience doesn’t overweigh to have great page content. Though there will be cases where your competitor’s web pages will have similar relevance in terms of page content and otherwise, therefore, in such cases having optimized the “ PAGE EXPERIENCE” can put you ahead in the Google Search Rankings. 

What Is This Core Web Vital Lingo Even Mean?

Let us understand in a basic language of how this “ Core Web Vital” means. 

Assume your website as a customer is a Grocery Store. Your Core Web Vitals of Google simply evaluate the vital – like how the customer examines the products at the grocery store. 

From page loading to rankings it is categorized as below-mentioned:

  • The website speed, as well as page loading time
  • Site UX design across all the devices, basically to see if they are responsive on desktop, tablet, laptop, smartphones, etc.
  • How secure is your website
  • Ease of use and interactivity. Check if there are any delays or glitches happening
  • Website content that has visual stability
  • Annoying notifications or pop-ups that are blocking your main web page content

Altogether, these metrics are derived from the user’s point of perspective telling Google how great (or not so great) your website is. 

Thus, a lesser score in the above-mentioned criteria will lower the ranking of your business website coming May 2021.

What Is A Bad Page Experience

Accepting the Google Page Experience Update 2021 is going to be a big deal, so plan wisely. 

Before we head towards improving the page experience, first thing is to know what is a Bad Page Experience? 

  • Poor page speed

It is frustrating to wait for the website to load. Even more, clicking on the search results which is taking ages to load. 

Even though it is for few seconds, waiting is irritating. There are high chances that your customers might lose interest and goes away.

  • Cluttered web design crammed with content

Regardless your website is loading quickly, other elements are responsible for affecting your Google Rankings. 

Complex navigation, poor UX design, too many pop-ups, crammed content with poor quality images with no proper structure is responsible for “Bad Page Experience”.

  • Lack of engagement

Most of the websites and pages are intended for the only purpose of selling. The time is changing and so are your customers. Today customer wants to read that is informative and engaging. Thus, it directly impacts your search score rankings on Google.

2021 Google Algorithm Update – Pointers To Optimize Your User Experience 

  1. Improve The Website Speed

Google loves quick loading website. As per Google’s discoveries, even a delay of one second in loading decreases 70% of the conversion rates.

Reduce HTTP requests. Other factors include evaluating the process of JavaScript loading, file sizes of the images, caching,  as well as server response time. 

  1. Mobile-friendly website

Your website should be adaptive. Having a mobile-friendly website means it can easily adjust to different gadgets like laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. The website should be easily viewed regardless of any device. 

  1. Keyword analysis

Refurbish your content strategy by defining which keywords your customers are finding. Perfoming keyword analysis as well as doing on-page SEO will effectively boost your Google Rankings. Also, create content that provides solutions to your buyer’s queries and making that information to found easily on the website. 

  1. Safe browsing experience

HTTPS is mandatory to have. It is one of the primary factors where your website appears in the SERPs. 

HTTPS acts as a security measure, ensuring authentication, confidentiality, and integrity. Get an HTTPS certificate, it is worth having for every website. Also, it build trust in the customers, thinking it is an authentic one. 

  1. Get rid of popups

It’s no secret pop-ups are at times are irritating. We are reading something important and suddenly they are pushed on our face.

Also, it is suggested by expert SEO marketers that it does harm the rankings. 

Why Not Now But Google Algorithm Update 2021 To Take Place in May?

We always have to blame Google when the new algorithm update rolls out.

Honestly speaking, Google will not make sudden announcements and act upon making changes immediately. Google does lots and lots of announcements when they are coming up with the new Google update 2021. That’s why May 2021 is set for the final rollout.

This change is good and positive. COVID19 has added a huge strain on the businesses globally. Thus entrepreneurs and startups who wish to start afresh adapting the new digital marketing landscape this is the best time to do so.

All It Requires To Stay Informed

When it comes to Google, we don’t know what to expect when they come up with a new update like Google Page Experience Update 2021. Suddenly, the top-performing websites are tanking, thus you need to stay informed and make changes accordingly so that you don’t lose on your search rankings. 

Google Page Experience Update 2021 tells you how to optimize your website with multiple ranking factors in mind. Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor the website, ensuring timely changes.

2021 Google Algorithm Update might take weeks sometimes months to notice the changes in your webpages. Checking on the SERPs to know which UX features are doing great.