6 Google Ads Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

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Now social media is becoming a pay-to-play space for online businesses. But there is a lot of competition in this field. Or getting organic for our websites is not too easy. If we want leads our website and more sales, then we need few pay-per-click advertising. Google is the best place for this type of advertising.

  • Google has a worldwide search engine market share of about 90.46%.
  • 15% of all searches on Google have never been before searched.
  • The market value of Google is about $739 billion.
  • An average person every day conducted about 3-4 searches.

This article describes the six most significant trends of Google Ads that will help custom logo design service and other businesses plan suitable marketing campaigns this year for our business.

These trends are:

Trend 1:

Google Ads Smart Bidding

Recently, Google has heavily invested in artificial intelligence or intelligent bidding. A subset of automated bid strategies is smart bidding that uses machine learning to optimize the conservation value and conservation in every auction. That feature of smart bidding is called auction-time bidding.

Smart bidding is working for several PPC goals that are including:

Target CPA:  It generates per acquisition new leads or customers for our desired cost.

Target ROAS:  we can get the best investment return on our spending.

Maximize conservation: it increases our conservation rate.

A great option is smart bidding for businesses starting with Google Ads; it is for those who don’t have much time to manage their website campaigns. But it also has some downside, or the main downside is that it does not have control over which party can display our ads. We can choose none of them or all of them.

Trend 2:

Google Discovery Ads

The content of Discovery Ads is arranged as c cards under exploring topics, or these depending on the users’ interests. It including various types of recipes, videos, blog posts, or news articles. We can’t always get the newest content because it focuses more on relevancy.

Google Discover Ads are available on the Google mobile app or by visiting on a mobile browser Google.com. Like youtube ads, Discovery ads are also mobile-friendly or engaging visually. However, Google is using machine learning that ad placement optimizes based on the search history of users or feed engagement to producing more potential interested customers.

Like Carousel Ads of Facebook, we can showcase more images through Discovery Ads. New Discovery Ads of Google offers all marketers more customers for the Discover feed and in the Gmail or YouTube home feed.

Trend 3

Google Gallery Ads

In 2019 summer a beta version of Galler Ads launched by Google. It is also similar to Carousel Ads of FAcebbok. They can feature images that the users of mobile phones can scroll through or get more visual information about the brand’s products and services. 

On the top of mobile search results will appear Gallery Ads or can feature 4-8 images. All images have their text, URL or static headline, or advertisers can get pay when users swipe or click any photo. Google moves away increasingly from text-based only search ads. So advertisers have the best way to present their products or services because Gallery Ads provide them more opportunities or make sense of their business or more customers.

Trend 4:

Expanded Audience Segments

For this business, the most important thing is to expand more audience. If we have more audience on our website, it means we can earn more. Google is providing the best resources and time for this purpose. It offers many ways for businesses to get the right customers. Or it is beneficial to both companies and customers.

Google announced in October 2019 two-segment for expanding the audience. These are:

  1. Affinity Audience
  2. In-market Audience
  • Affinity Audience

These audiences are built for identified or interests based on browsing behaviour. Some examples are convenience store shoppers, beauty mavens, or power users of cloud services.

  • In-market Audience

This audience is comparing or researching products and their services actively. Recently Google rolled out a new event seasonal segment for these audiences. Advertisers on search can get more customers.

Trend 5

Integrated Ad Campaigns with Google Lens

A visual search engine is Google Lens by Google, recognizing landmarks and objects through a native app. Google Lens is also integrated with Android Phones and Google Photos, with Google app and Google Assistant. What should we can do when we are taking a picture of the following items:

Home goods and Apparel: we can find the same products or see where we should buy them.

Barcodes: to find the product information, we can use barcodes like where we can buy these products. 

Business card: save the address and phone number to contact.

Book: read reviews and get a summary.

Billboard and event flyer: add the event to our calendar

Building or landmark: see hours of operation, historical facts, or more.

Painting in a museum: read or learn about the artists.

Animal or plant: learn about breeds and species.

Trend 6 

Google Ads and Voice Search

More people are those that are buying intelligent speakers and through mobile search Google. Or the text-only base search continues to going to decline. That will be a more significant trouble for all advertisers. 

Consider the following states:

  • By 2020, 55% of American homes will have smart speakers.
  • About 72% have their voice-activated speakers, or they are also saying that these devices are becoming part of their daily routines.
  • In 2020, voice shopping will jump to about $40 billion from about $2 billion.
  • 2 out of 5 adults are using voice search daily at least once time.

Voice searches using a screen like Google voice search on the phone or a desktop will display ads. But the smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home cannot display ads that are not good news.

But the good news is that it definitely will change. Because on Google Home already testing ads Google. Or users that are moving away from the text-based search, the tech giant indeed will find more ways to monetize voice search.

The constant thing in Google is that it is always trying to evolve to meet its needs better. These trends of Google are going to become the most significant trends of this year. Other trends are also going to pop up in the whole year. But we should get some creative directions that will be more helpful for our future business.