Good Visiting Cards Design Promotes Business Development

Visiting Card design

Are paper business cards on their way out in business fields? Visiting cards designs and formats have changed manifold. As the world marches towards digitalization and the target audience is more extensive than before, you need a digital version. It is imperative to share business and personal details with customers. So, why not do this through a digital visiting card? The rectangle piece of paper is passé, so check out the innovative and expressive card designs at Visiting Card design  Read on more to understand better!

Business development through the digital medium

The fact is, we perceive and accept that business cards are designed in different ways. It is super easy to exchange contact details with just about anyone through the internet. This is done digitally within seconds. Digital methods help in communication, sending emails, personal details, and phone numbers to a large customer base.

Visiting card design influences our business dealings to a great extent. The design may be traditional, impactful, elaborate, minimalistic, funky, sleek, decorative, futuristic, technical, etc. But, the main aim is to elaborate your business and make an impact on a business client. The information on the card prompts business contacts to keep thinking about your talent and contribution in the business field. A smart design with comprehensive information manages to convince and inspire others.

What rules should you adhere to create an arresting visiting card design?

Everyone has a different opinion regarding visiting cards. But, if the message is passed across effectively, then the design of the Digital card is acceptable. Let us see what we need to keep in mind when creating visiting cards design:

  1. Be direct and remove the unnecessary content. Only the essential information should be included, the rest can be cluttered down! The information should be detailed and needs a neat arrangement.
  2. Every visiting card has some white space that adds to the appeal. Create the visiting cards design around this space so that the white area compliments the information, and the card design does not usurp the entire white portion.
  3. Put your company or brand logo prominently.
  4. The visiting cards design needs to be professional. Remember, serious business customers do not like funky and non-serious fonts. In fact, the fonts need to coincide with your brand. The colour and the typo should remind the clients of your product and brand. If you look carefully, your business logo has few colours and is designed in a particular style. Your card needs to have a font similar to your business logo. 
  5. Create extra space on your digital card by reducing the font size. This way, you can include more information in the area.
  6. Add social networking links to the digital cards so that people can contact you through social media too.
  7. The first rule of visiting card design is to remember it is for the audience. So, the card needs a style that appeals to the customer.
  8. The business visiting cards have to be created for the public and can improve sales by making a good sales impact on others.
  9. The Call to action or CTA needs to be attractive. Rather, it should instantly pull the eye and prompt people to click on it.

Digital and print visiting cards design

Many people use a combination of “digital and print”. In this method, your printed visiting cards design includes a QR code. This code permits the user to view the contact details instantly by scanning the QR code on the phone. The brand gets a prominent digital profile but at the same time is complemented with a physical card. The tech-savvy clients can view the profile right away and store it in their contact list. At the same time, you get a business identity through the printed cards too. Isn’t this creative and versatile at the same time?

An excellent visiting card design leaves a strong impact on people’s minds. The information on the card needs to highlight your business philosophy, personal beliefs, and ideas of what you are. Remember, you are building your brand name, and a good designer has the experience to produce concepts that bring out the best in your product.

There are some set rules followed in visiting card design such as type of font used, size of the card, kind of information included. If you’re running a conventional business, then go for this style. But, if you want to differentiate yourself from others with your brand’s business cards design, feel free to play with textures, shapes, etc. The final call demands information on the card should be instantly visible. The expert designers at Digital Business Card can help you create an eye-striking informative card within no time.