How To Get More Customers With Facebook Wi-Fi

facebook wi-fi

If you’ve got a small business, then you know how important it is to constantly be on the lookout for new, new, and innovative ways to attract more customers, deliver a better service and retain the customers you already have by making your business even more useful, helpful, and desirable to them. Well, if you’ve got a business with a physical address, like a store gym restaurant, yoga studio, or any place that customers visit, I’ve got a pretty cool marketing strategy to share with you in this. 

Facebook Wi-Fi Review

It’s going to provide a pretty big win-win for both you as the business owner and your customers. Oh yeah. And it’s completely free and you can get started today in 20 minutes or less. So let me show you how it’s done. Hey, Adam here and today, I’m going to share with you what I believe is one of the best marketing opportunities available to local businesses, whether you’re a traditional brick and mortar store, a service-based business with a physical location, or anywhere else that customers visit, I have a completely free tool that I want to introduce you to that I honestly believe will genuinely help you grow your. Now a big thank you to Facebook for sponsoring and supporting this article. 

However, that doesn’t influence my opinion, that what I’m going to share with you here truly is an incredibly powerful strategy that every local business should be using and it’s free. So there’s really nothing to lose. And a whole lot of goodness. I’m also gonna make sure to put a link in the descriptions below where you can get more information, but for now, let me walk you through exactly what I’m talking about.

Benefits Of Facebook Wi-Fi

As I already mentioned, if you have a business with a physical address, like a store or restaurant, you can set up for absolutely free something called Facebook wifi, that’ll help you get more. How it works is that Facebook wifi allows your customers to connect to your business’s guest wifi network. After they check into your business on Facebook. Now there’s a ton of reasons why this is both powerful and incredibly beneficial to you as a business owner, including being able to offer wifi to your customers. We’re getting customers to help spread the word about your business but gets even better. 

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So let me walk you through it. Now, one of the most powerful forms of marketing available is social. Essentially looking at what those around us are doing to help us make buying decisions. And when it comes to social proof, the highest and most trusted level is something that comes from a friend or family member or someone in our network. Well, with Facebook, wifi, your customers have the option to check into your business with Facebook. And when customers check-in and tag your business, this check-in shows up on their news. Which is visible to their friends, their family, and their network. 

This means they may see what their friends are doing, which helps you reach a wider audience and even more potential customers. You as the business owner also have the opportunity to respond and react to check-ins from your page insights, giving you even more opportunity to further humanize your brand and business and make a deeper connection with your customers. Another benefit of offering Facebook, wifi is that because Facebook owns it. You can also connect your business’s Instagram profile so your visitors can access your wifi with your Instagram login. 

Then when they connect to your wifi through their Instagram login, your customers can decide to follow your business profile for updates or anything else you might want to share. Another really cool feature is the ability to show up in front of people who have never heard of your business before, simply by appearing, when they’re searching for wifi. With millions of people searching for wifi using Facebook every month. This gives you another amazing opportunity to show up in front of potential buyers. 

Like giving them something. They. Wifi next, when your customers’ check-in and connect to your wifi, there’ll be directed to your Facebook page, where they can like your page message, your business, your photos, leave reviews, and learn more information about your business. This gives you even more opportunities to connect with them, not just now, but also well into the future. As they’re now connected to your page. 

One of my favorite features of all of this though, is the data metrics and analytics are able to learn about you. This is information you can use to grow your business and get valuable insights about your customers and their behavior. For example, you can see how many people checked in to your business by connecting to your wifi, as well as the number of unique users who visited in a certain month. And how many of those visitors were either. Yeah. Or returning as great as all of this is though. It doesn’t mean much if it isn’t fast, easy, and enjoyable for customers. 

And if you’ve ever had the experience of having to wait in line to ask for a wifi password only to be given a complicated network name and ridiculously long password to try to remember, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. This is why Facebook, wifi is simple and seamless for your customers to connect to no more remembering or writing down long or confusing passwords to get online. All your customers have to do is logging on to Facebook and checking out your business. That’s it. And that’s what it should really be about giving customers what they want and making it as easy as possible for them. And you. 

How To Use Facebook Wi-Fi

So with that said, the next question then is how do you make this happen and get it set up. Good news. My friend is setting this up as fast and easy. So let’s talk about that. Now, first off, it’s important to know that all of this is done through your own business, wifi network. It’s not a Facebook wifi network or anything like that. And what it is is a gateway. It makes it easier for your customers to get access to your business’s wifi network and allows you to benefit from all of the things that we’ve just talked about, including increasing engagement and check-ins and likes and even attracting new customers by offering wifi to those things.

Facebook Wi-Fi Configuration

Now the setup part is going to be pretty quick because honestly the whole set of processes really is simple and straightforward and can be done in 20 minutes or less now to get it installed. There are three things you need and three steps to follow, which you can do yourself or have a local technician help you. If it’s just not your thing, the three things you need are number one, the right equipment, which is nothing more than a Facebook, wifi compatible router, and your mobile. 

I’ll put a link in the description below, which will give you a list of all the compatible routers as well as for instructions for each one. The second thing you need is 20 minutes, or even less, again, set up pretty easy here and no technical expertise is required. And then the third thing you need is admin access to your Facebook business page with a physical address listed on your page. 

Facebook Wi-Fi Settings

Once you have those three things in place, then the three steps you need to follow from there are number one, enabling Facebook, wifi in your routers. Again, the link in the description below will take you to a page with a whole list of compatible routers and instructions for each one. The second thing then is to connect your Facebook page to Facebook, wifi, and choose your settings. Remember you do need to be an admin of the Facebook business page you’re connecting. And then number three, you want to check to see that Facebook wifi is enabled by reconnecting to your wifi network. 

If it’s enabled, you’ll see a dialogue asking you to connect to wifi by logging in and checking it on your Facebook page. And that. Truly is it it’s fast, it’s free. And it helps both you as a business owner and your customers for again, the ultimate win-win marketing strategy.