How To Get A Great ROI On Your Influencer Marketing Plan


Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most fruitful digital marketing channels for both brands and individuals. In the past 5 years, influencers have been seen collaborating with all types of brands and businesses, established or new, and have shown remarkable results which attract more people to the industry.

But like any other marketing campaign, influencer marketing also requires optimization, which can eventually give a great ROI in return. There are a few factors that you can implement in your influencer marketing plan and witness an increment in ROI. 

Continuous research and updating your target audience

You might have been into marketing for a while, but with time, your audience may change. As for social media followers or audiences, one needs to identify the changes in public behavior and keep refreshing their audience. For instance, fitness freaks used to follow Arnold in the 90s, but today’s fitness lovers are more interested in new bodybuilders.

Regular research, identification, and updating the audience are vital for your marketing campaigns to flourish.

Define Your Goals and Objectives to your influencer clearly

While handing over a campaign or project to your influencer, you must make your goals and objectives clear. For a successful marketing campaign, the right kind of content must be shared with the audience, or the intention of the creative is clear. And this will only be achieved efficiently when the influencer knows the campaign’s main objective, like leads, sales, visits or engagement, etc.

Find your Perfect Influencer this way

This goes without saying that you have to choose the perfect influencer for your campaigns as you won’t be selecting a bodybuilder to market a cosmetic product. But there are a few other things that you can check about the influencer before appointing one.

Investigate these things in your Influencer’s Feed

While going through the influencer’s feed, don’t just look for the number of followers or average views on their posts. But there are other factors to focus on, such as previous lead generation metrics, growth of the profile, engagement on the profile, etc. 

Relevant Social Media Platforms

Choosing the relevant social media platform decides the effectiveness of the campaign. Understand that each platform has its own type of users, and your creative or content will most possibly show different responses on different platforms. Try switching platforms if you are not getting feasible ROI on your influencer marketing campaigns.

You can gain advanced knowledge on social media marketing in the best social media marketing courses and optimize your marketing campaigns in no time.

Build Long-Term Influencer Relationships

ROI is not something quick but is generally calculated in the long term. So it would be best if you also tried to build better relationships with your influencers for a long time. Moreover, when you market with the same influencers over a long interval, it also builds trust and a sense of genuinity.

Best creative

Video content is typically most preferred in influencer marketing and is equally efficient too. But if your influencer is good at other techniques, you can try them as well.

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Influencer Marketing Tools making life easy

The rapid growth of the influencer marketing industry also gained the attention of various web and software developers. And as a result, today, you can find numerous web tools that are used by influencers and companies for different purposes like:

  • to find and get connected with the most relevant influencers
  • tracking and measuring your Facebook or any social media metrics
  • tools to measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaign’s ROI

With the help of these tools, you can automate several processes, which makes the work easy, fast, and efficient. Moreover, these tools also help track factors necessary for optimization. So, investing in a better influencer marketing tool can also significantly improve ROI.


A fantastic trend noticed in influencer marketing is that micro-influencers are showing better results than some big celebs. This is generally because people can relate to local influencers more than celebrities. Even major brands are hiring micro-influencers to market their products and are getting huge benefits. This is also a cost-effective strategy that can get you a great ROI. 

Most marketing experts use these tried and tested strategies, and you can also use these for your own benefit.

Ashish Malik Bio

Ashish Malik is a reputed name in digital marketing industry with his 11 years of experience and wealth of knowledge. He is a founder of Softhunters, JSDM and also serve as trainer and consultant for these ventures.To name a few of his career maneuver, he is a lead digital marketer and co-founder of Mfluencer, holds experience and skills of e-commerce specialist, web analytics, PPC and conversion expert, and SMM expert. He has not only trained hundreds of students but also helped 50+ brands in their sustainable growth through his digital marketing expertise and business strategies which literally exudes passion. His web design and development skills and passion motivated him to start Softhunters which today has 1000+ websites in its portfolio.