The Future of Digital Marketing: How AI is Revolutionizing the Industry

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Are you intrigued by the news on artificial intelligence? Do you find it hard to digest that a few lines of code can be so powerful to change the digital marketing world? Are you skeptical about this new general-purpose technology? Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Many people, including governments, are concerned about newly launched AI apps that could take control of the market in an unprecedented way. But it is not to be feared, only to be understood, as Marie Curie said. 

So, without further ado, let’s deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and see how we can take advantage of it.

What is An AI?

The term’ artificial intelligence’ denotes the ability of a machine to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. In terms of digital marketing, it aids businesses in optimizing their marketing efforts, and performing automated tasks like replying to general queries, predicting market behavior, and so on.

How does AI perform tasks?

AI uses algorithms to analyze data patterns, make informed decisions, and improve through machine learning. AI learns via machine learning and deep learning. 

In the machine learning model, AI improves through structured data input, enhancing accuracy and precision for better performance.

Deep learning uses neural networks to understand complex patterns in data. It is a sub-branch of machine learning which uses a model like that of a human brain.

Let’s see the possible roles AI is playing & can play in the future of digital marketing.

First, The Positives


It is software designed to have a conversation on behalf of humans. It can be in the form of audio or text both. The AI replies to the answer by going through the data list and giving a concise result. According to a report, 71% of consumers want companies to deliver personalized interactions & 76% are disappointed when it does not happen.

These are not the latest tech and have been in use since early 2020. Modern time chatbots can give you personalized results. With chatbots, your customer doesn’t have to wait for the query to be answered. It immediately generates replies and helps increase customer satisfaction. 

Using NLP (Natural Language Processing), digital marketers can filter urgent queries and automate basic FAQs.

The digital marketing team can use AI-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as an assistance. Note that it can’t be left independently to attend to clients. CRM can fetch contact details, demographic, buying history, & communication history of a customer for faster response to queries.

Predictive & Target

With a vast collection of data available, AI can check for clients’ behavior & buying patterns. Then filter products according to the customer’s taste. This will increase the sales and revenue of a business on a massive scale.

AI can help increase the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns by targeting relevant clients for business. Almost all social media companies optimize ads according to their customers’ interests. 

Digital marketers can use AI for accurate prediction to recommend products to specific clients based on their buying & browsing history. This helps businesses to generate more traffic and revenue from their websites. 

Content Creation

AI can use information such as a customer’s visited web pages, read blog posts, and interacted emails to select the most relevant content for them. This content can then be automatically added to an email, increasing the chances of customer engagement.

Digital marketers can transcribe their ads’ videos and blogs in different languages to broaden their audience. This will inevitably increase their market size and drive sales. 

Image Recognition Technology

Customers simply need to snap a picture and upload it to the website to locate a particular item. The AI-powered system will then promptly generate a list of similar results based on the uploaded image.

Further banking & financial apps can use image recognition techniques to know if the authorized person is logging in or some imposter. 

Saving Time & Money

Digital marketers can save time by automating tasks like email marketing, social media posting, etc.

An AI can help process months of data within a few minutes. It speeds up the decision process & helps businesses build a better marketing & revenue model.

Managing SEOs

Digital marketers can use AI to target specific keywords, optimize content, and improve link building and overall website structure to improve their SERP ranking.

Marketers can use AI to generate hashtags, posts, & graphics for social media posts to improve engagement. AI will play a huge role in the future of digital marketing for managing social media handles. 

The Negatives

Privacy & Security

Since AI relies on data, the privacy of individual information becomes extremely important. AI can be misused to commit fraud and online theft. 

It also raises a question of security. Mischievous people can steal their identity and commit fraud with the data available online in the cloud. Hence, for AI app companies, it becomes vital to secure consumer data. 

Job Losses

Various jobs would be lost to AI. We are already seeing this. According to reports, 3,900 people lost their job because of AI in May 2023. There are jobs at risk due to AI, such as budget analysts, data entry workers, tax preparers, etc.

Individual Psychology

AI can have difficulty understanding people’s behavior and mood based on data history. The complexity of human psychology means that collective behavior cannot be applied to a person. For example, 500 people’s medical analysis can’t help diagnosing the 501st person. 

In a nutshell:

AIs are already included to work alongside the digital marketing team to enhance performance. Whenever a new technology comes, it takes away some jobs and creates a new job profile.

In the near future, AIs will be driving behind successful businesses. So, if you are yet to try, now is the time to tie AI up to your digital marketing and scale your success.