4 Pillars of Successful Book Promotion by Global Book Marketing

4 Pillars of Successful Book Promotion by Global Book Marketing

1. Find out who your readers are and what they want.

No matter how good you think your book is, its content is not for everyone, even if you think it is. First, think about the people who might be interested in what you have to say. An Author & Book Promotion only helps in selling more books. Many people start with this question: Who will read this? Who, what, where, when, and why.

When you are promoting your book as a author keep that mind that how old they are? What kind of education level or income level do they have? This will help you decide where your books will be sold and how you’ll write about them. Older people might want to buy a big-print edition, while young generation might want to read an ebook on their phones. Where do people look for the information you have written in your book? 

Why do they buy?

This is not the reason people want to buy your product the 6″x 9″ softcover book? Think of Arm & Hammer baking soda like this: How many ways does that get used? The product itself is the same no matter how you use it. It’s time to think of your content in the same way you did before. People buy and use it for different reasons. 

2. Find Out What Your Potential Customers Want.

Trying to figure out who your possible readers are is just the first step in book promotion. If your benefits don’t seem right for the person, keep digging down until you find someone who fits like Global Book Marketing. Suppose your post was about how to find work. You would think that the academic market would be an excellent place to start. People who attend high school, trade school, or college aren’t the only ones who could be affected by this (community, private, or state universities).

Let’s say you want to target college students. Here’s how you can break down that niche into sub-niche groups:

There are a lot of books that college teachers are looking for that could be used as textbooks or extra help. These people need information organized logically, with discussion questions at the end of each chapter and maybe even a guide for the teacher to use with it.

Students need short, clear, and cheap information to help them quickly find a job. This will help them get the facts they need to do this quickly.

Career placement officers need to make sure more students at their college get jobs when they finish college.

College bookstores want to sell books and make money.

As you can see, buyers in any one group have different needs. Sales will not go up if you try to sell to all of them with the same literature and appeal, which will not help. Based on what they want, marketing to them will be much more effective.

3. Do Integrated Marketing

Before you put your work online,Global Book Marketing want you to  think about how you will mix and match the four elements of a professional marketing mix for each group, the product and its distribution, the price, and it’s marketing.

Your content must be different from and better than anything else on your subject. And your final book should be made by a professional with good editing and cover design, you can make appealing designs with the help of Global Book Marketing. The cover has the front, spine, and back, with the ISBN and price in the bar code. With the big publishers, you’re competing, and your book can’t look like you wrote it on your own.

Distribution of books

 Make sure your text is available in the places where your target audience buys your content so that they can read it. If you’re going to an airport or shopping at a supermarket, you might see stores like these. Also, think about direct distribution, which is when you sell to businesses, associations, schools, the military, and government agencies. In most cases, these sales come in large, non-returnable amounts. In addition, there is no way to compare your book’s price right away with the costs of other books on a shelf in a store.


It may be more critical for you to decide the price of your book than any other marketing decision. Under the selling concept, pricing usually means matching prices from other businesses. Marketing looks at how much the reader is willing to pay for the value they get. This may be more or less than the other titles out there.

Book Promotion

What you say and how you say it changes depending on who you’re trying to reach and what kind of product you’re selling, how you distribute it, and how much you charge for it. This includes social media, book publicity, advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct mail, and TV and radio appearances. The marketer thinks about how these things will work together and support each other for the best results.

4. The profitability

When you write and publish a book, you become a business person who has to do many things. If you don’t want to do something unpleasant to you, hire someone else to do them for you, but include the costs of doing business in your financial projections. You will be much more likely to succeed if you start this process early, are well-prepared, and have your “eyes open” at all times. Find out who you’re selling to, what they care about, and how you can make your marketing work together. Then, focus on making your business run well and making money. You will sell more books and have a good time in the process, too.