How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Working? – 2022

How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Working? - 2022

Instagram is a very popular social media app, and since the launch of Instagram reels, it has become extremely popular, but many users have reported that their Instagram reel is not working on social media and community forums. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on How to fix instagram reels not working issue.

Since many regions have banned tik tok, Instagram saw this as a growth opportunity and introduced the Instagram reel Short music video platform, which is similar to TikTok. However, in a rush, the Instagram reel has some bugs that cause many user Instagram reels to stop working and they are unable to use it. However, you can use some silly tricks to fix it like restarting your app or using VPN to change your IP. There are many VPNs available but we suggest you to go with ExpressVPN and using the latest ExpressVPN coupons will also provide you some discount.

If you are a big fan or creator of Instagram reels and want to use reels, stay here because we will go over some tips that will allow you to use Instagram reels.

Fix Instagram Reels Not Working

Here are some suggestions to help you resolve the issue of Instagram reels not working in Android. If you’re an iOS user, the suggestions below are pretty much similar.

  1. Check The Instagram Reel Option Within The Instagram App

You can see if the Instagram reel option is available to you. With the following steps you can easily fix Instagram reels not working issue.

  • On the Instagram home page, you can check the reel option at the bottom navigation bar, which is similar to a “play button” in the centre, or at the top right corner, click on the (+) icon just next to the DM icon, and from the drop-down menu, you can find options such as post, story, reel, and live. If the reel option is unavailable, proceed to the next step;
  • Check the reel option via Instagram camera by swiping right on the Instagram home page, then carefully check what option you are getting via Instagram camera by swiping left-right on that option. If the reel option is still unavailable, please use method 2.
  1. Update Instagram App

Some of us forget to update our phones’ apps, which is why we can’t use such features. So, Open the play store or app store, navigate to my apps section, and see if an update for Instagram is available; if so, update it. Then, repeat method 1 to test out reel options.

  1. Log In And Log Out As Follows

If the problems continue after you have updated Instagram, try logging out and logging back in. By doing so, you will be able to refresh your login activity. To log out, go to your profile, click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner, select settings > (scroll down) > click on the blue link ( Log out @yourusername ). You have now successfully logged out. Login again with your username and password to see if the problem has been resolved.

  1. Clearing Cache Of Instagram

Clearing cache is one of the most effective ways to resolve the Instagram reels not working issue. Many android users reported that they were able to use it after cleaning the Instagram cache. To clear the cache of Instagram, follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to the phone’s “settings” menu.
  • Locate the “My apps” or “App information” section.
  • Look for “Instagram” and click on it.
  • Go to “Storage and cache.”
  • Select “clear cache.”

You are now ready to use the Instagram reel feature. If the problems continue, proceed to step 5.

  1. Update Your Device

Some features of any application may be supported by the most recent version of theOS. If you’re not getting an Instagram reel, it’s possible that your device’s OS isn’t supported by Instagram, so make sure your device is up to date. To update your device’s OS, follow these steps:

  • Go to “phone setting”. 
  • Go to the “system and update” section (scroll down).
  • Select “System update” from the menu.

If there are any pending updates, your device will check for them and install them if they are available. Check if the issue has been resolved.

  1. Reinstall The Instagram App

If the Instagram reel is still not working after following all of the steps, it is possible that the app you are using is buggy and glitchy. One way to resolve this issue is to uninstall your current Instagram application and install the fresh Instagram application from the play store or app store. To uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app, follow the steps below:

  • Go to “phone setting” 
  • Locate the “My apps” or “App information” section.
  • Look for “Instagram” and click on it.
  • Tap on “Uninstall”.

Allow the system to completely remove the Instagram app from your devices.

To reinstall go to play store/App Store > search for instagram> click on top result app Instagram and then click on install and wait for it to install. After installation, login and check, the reel option is available.

  1. Take Part In The Instagram Beta Program

You can try new Instagram features before they are available to everyone by joining the beta version. A reel option will be available in the beta program. To participate in the beta program, follow these steps:

  • Go to the play store/App store.
  • Search Instagram and open it.
  • (Scroll down) under “Join the beta section” click on “Join”.
  • Confirm that you want to join by clicking on “Join”.
    • You will be added to the beta program at any moment.
  • Update the Instagram app after joining the successful beta program.
    • You can now create an Instagram reel in less than 24 hours.
  1. Report The Problem To Instagram

If you have tried all of the steps and still do not have the reel option, there is a decent possibility that Instagram has put you on hold to use the Instagram reel features for various reasons. So, last but not least, you can contact Instagram about the issue that you are not able to use Instagram reels. Take a screenshot that shows you don’t have the option of using a reel before reporting. To report, follow the steps stated below: 

  • Go to your “profile page” on Instagram.
  • In the upper right corner, tap on the “Hamburger” icon.
  • Go to “Settings
  • Go to the “Help” section 
  • Tap “Report a Problem,” then choose “Report a Problem” from the popup window.
  • Briefly describe your problem, such as what happened or what isn’t working. You can type the problem. E.g., you are unable to see or use the Instagram Reels option and have attached a screenshot for their reference, or you have the option to take screenshots of the problem.
  • After you’ve finished typing the problem, click the “submit” button in the upper right corner.

After submitting the report, you will receive a response from Instagram within 24 hours or 2 days, and they will almost surely resolve your issue.

Conclusion— How to fix instagram reels not working issue

We’ve gone over every possible solution for how to fix Instagram reels not working on Android and iOS. You can try all of the solutions listed above to fix Instagram reels that aren’t working. I hope at least one of the above-mentioned tips is useful to you.