Relevant SEO Tips- 5 SEO Tactics That Are Still Fiercely Practical

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‍Six months ago, Google cracked down on a number of black hat SEO techniques that had been enabling spammers and site owners who lacked the expertise to game the search engine. SEO was no longer just about creating well-optimized content that would help your site rank higher in Google’s organic results. Instead, the search giant now expects you to have a mastery of all things digital marketing if you want to succeed in this space. Fortunately, there are plenty of tactics that are still relevant today. After all, digital marketing has become so much more than just SEO. Here are five other key digital marketing practices you should be incorporating into your business right now…

1. Video Marketing Is Dead

Now, this might be a little too dramatic, but it’s true that video has fallen from grace in recent years. In 2017, Google announced that it would be penalizing sites that were still using ineffective video tactics, such as auto-playing videos or irrelevant ads. At first, this might sound like a long-overdue move to combat spam, but there was actually a bit more to it. Google has been trying to simplify the online advertising ecosystem for years now. And, one of the ways it has attempted to do this is by cracking down on all the confusing and scammy tactics that have been masquerading as legitimate digital marketing practices.

2. Content Marketing Is The New King

Whether you are a marketer who only focuses on SEO, or someone who also incorporates a little bit of paid media and social strategy, the new king of digital marketing is content. The reason why SEO is no longer king is that Google has decided that if you have quality content, then you don’t need to rely on tricky tactics like cloaking, cloaking, and more cloaking to get your content noticed in the search results. The more important question is, how can you transform your business? Are you only focused on SEO, but aren’t really seeing any results? Or, are you struggling to get your content noticed?

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising Is Still Key

In case you’ve been living under a digital marketing rock, you probably know that Google is now cracking down on paid advertising tactics that are no longer relevant. As we just saw, paid ads were one of the first things that Google tried to tackle, and the company’s actions have been incredibly effective so far. Now, it’s true that Google doesn’t have a hard and fast rule about what gets banned, so there is still some wiggle room. But, one thing is certain from reading the news over the past few years: these companies have made it clear that black hat tactics have no place in the online ecosystem.

4. User Experience (UX) Is The New Black

You might have heard about how sites are now expected to use structured data to help Google understand the content on your pages. Or, you might know that Google is now trying to make it easier to find your content. However, you might not realize just how important UX is. That’s because, in addition to the core principles of SEO, digital marketing has evolved into a much more interactive and user-friendly space. Today, brands like Nordstrom, Netflix, and Amazon are completely reinventing the process by which customers interact with their products, services, and brand stories. And, it’s all thanks to a more user-friendly digital experience.

5. Good Old PR Is Still Good

While it might not be as important as it once was, press releases are still a great way to get your content noticed in the digital marketing space. It’s important to choose the right topics, and make sure to write your release in a way that’s helpful for both you and the reader. PR is also a great way to build relationships with the media and industry leaders, which can be incredibly beneficial if you have a long-term marketing strategy. At the end of the day, PR is about connecting with others and spreading the word about your business. Plus, it’s free, so it’s worth a shot as long as you don’t get too hung up on perfection.


Digital Marketing has become much more than just SEO, but these five tactics are still valuable in 2022. And, they are definitely worth learning if you want to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketing space. That’s why you should consider Seo company in Ahmedabad incorporating these five key digital marketing practices right away.