Tips for Finding the Best Housing for Digital Nomads

digital nomads housing

Working remotely and not having a permanent home has become many people’s reality. Living a life as a digital nomad, without going to an office to work but making any city, country or continent your home, is thrilling and can often be intimidating. Looking for an ideal place to stay in is one of the challenges many digital nomads face at first. If you’re planning to start your nomadic journey, we have a few valuable tips that will help you find the best housing for the time being.

Know your budget

First, you need to know how much money you have at your disposal. Can you afford an apartment in New York, or are you going to have to look at more affordable options? Do you have a few salaries saved up, or are you only able to afford the most cost-effective accommodation there is? Look for potential housing based on your budget. Don’t risk having to borrow money from friends so you can pay the rent for an apartment or afford the costs of living in a hostel. Always calculate your budget well before looking for a place to stay.

Consider housesitting

If you’re unsure of your future income, consider housesitting. Ask around or check online to see if anyone is looking for a house sitter. The safest way for people looking for a house sitter to hire someone to look after their home while they’re gone is through mutual friends. So, if you’re planning to come back from Asia to your home town in Texas, see with your friends or their family and neighbours if they know a person who needs a house sitter. It’s a convenient solution for everyone who doesn’t plan on staying in one place for longer than a week or two.

Co-living is a good option

Have you ever heard of co-living? One of the newest ways of living for digital nomads is sharing a rental property with a group of other digital nomads. Finding a few people with similar professional outlooks or the same creative interests to share an apartment with is the proper way of experiencing life as a digital nomad. From California to Texas, many cities around the US are perfect for digital nomads who want to share rent and living costs with like-minded individuals. Check out online listings and find apartments for rent in Abilene perfect for everyone’s liking.

Extended stay hotels

While some people can’t handle living alone, others crave privacy. If you’re one of those people, hotels will be a better fit. On top of privacy, hotels also offer a higher comfort level with the benefit of housekeeping services. Sometimes finding a decent apartment in the centre of a metropolis can be a killer, in which case a downtown area hotel is an ideal choice. Even if you don’t have an obscene amount of money saved up, hotels can still be a viable option. Instead of deluxe hotels, you can choose those with 2 or 3 stars.

Choose areas with good wi-fi

A fast internet connection is non-negotiable for digital nomads. That’s another aspect to remember when looking for ideal housing. One of the first questions to ask should include the option of a wi-fi network. Whether there is one, how reliable it is and how much it costs. If there isn’t any, you may be required to pay for the installation, in case the landlord doesn’t want to be bothered with the process of installation.

Contact other digital nomads

Have you already created a network of people like yourself who are constantly working on the move? Browse through online communities, where you’ll find rooky and experienced digital nomads who will gladly share tips about their journey. You can always learn the most from those who have been in that line of work for a year or longer. They can impart wisdom, while telling you all about their favourite housing options, money-saving tips and more.

A hostel works for some

Hostels are also a housing option for some digital nomads. If privacy is the last thing you need, hostels will be perfect for you. Aside from being one of the most affordable options, hostels also promote the party-centric, entertaining lifestyle. Many digital nomads strive toward meeting interesting people and look forward to networking with other digital nomads. Working at a hostel is usually not the best option, so keep in mind that you’ll need a coworking space or some other type of location to work at.

Final thoughts

Living a life as a digital nomad comes with many excitements and plenty of challenges. So, if you’ve decided to work remotely and explore different countries, you’ll need to know how to find the best temporary housing option for yourself. Keep all the previously mentioned tips in mind when you start your search for an ideal accommodation and you’ll find one quickly and without much hassle.