Tips to Find the Best SEO Expert Like SEOcontrol Kolkata for Your Projects

SEO Expert Like SEOcontrol

Suppose you boarded a train to reach Kota, Rajasthan and it took you to Kota, Karnataka – how does it feel? That’s how it feels when your project falls prey to the wrong SEO. Hiring a No. 1 SEO Agency in Kolkata, India is identical to boarding a train and reaching on time, somewhere. However, hiring the right SEO expert will make sure you reach the proper destination by boarding the right train! 

In this article, we shall tell you how to,

  • Check whether your metric matches with your expert
  • See that your expert communicates properly 
  • Not forget to check the client’s portfolio
  • Have a look at real customer testimonials
  • Know about your expert’s SEO strategies

Here are five tips that might help you to choose your SEO expert. 

Make sure to check whether the metrics match with your expert’s 

While choosing an SEO expert, you must see whether the person you are hiring understands the metrics you need for your business. 

For example, the objective of an old and new company will differ, thus their goals will also vary and the metrics will too. 

If your expert focuses on the wrong Key Performance indicator or KPI while doing SEO, you can never succeed. 

See that your expert communicates actively

You must avoid those who talk abstractly about SEO. Remember that, SEO is not magic, thus, anyone claiming to have insights about the Google algorithm is lying. 

They probably use Black Hat SEO which requires cloaking and stuffing keywords – but that’s not ideal. If Google bots understand that Black Hat SEO has been used, your project ranking might go down. 

Don’t rely on experts who claim to have special knowledge about SEO. They are blabbers who will ultimately do nothing other than professional harm and financial losses! 

Don’t forget to check your expert’s client portfolio

Nowadays, displaying the clients you have worked with, has emerged as a trend. Well, it helps in two ways. 

Firstly, you can get to know with which renowned companies and agencies your SEO expert has worked. 

Secondly, working with those companies becomes a benchmark for you to select your expert without a doubt – tells you a lot about their credibility. 

Have a look at the real customer testimonials of your SEO expert

It is evident that if your SEO expert helps you in increasing your website traffic, you will give them your testimonial, right? 

Similarly, before hiring your expert, check the testimonials on their portfolio or website. You will find a delighted exhibit of what the pleased clients have asserted.  

Know how your expert executes SEO strategies 

Every expert has her or his way of designing strategies for SEO. They use their last experience to devise a way that will help the new clients.

However, a renowned and efficient expert will surely have a battle-tested path to do SEO. Know about those before hiring. 


Finally, be patient! Finding the perfect SEO partner is tougher than it appears. Look for one who has experience in this field. 

Also, be sure about your goals and objectives. Choose one, who communicates well and understands your needs so that you can rely on them. 

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