Insights into Facebook Video: 2023 Statistics and Trends

facebook video statistics

It’s no secret that social media giant Facebook has amassed a massive user base, but have you heard of its video service, Facebook video? To help you understand about Facebook’s video marketing platform, we’ve broken down the most recent statistics and facts. 

And just for fun, we’ve thrown in some stats about Facebook Live and some controversial facts about Facebook video. We will also talk a bit about Facebook Video Downloader 1080P websites and how they help businesses. Let’s get started:

1. It’s Getting More Popular

According to the company’s earnings report for Q1 2023, Facebook now has an average of 2.85 billion daily active users, an increase of 30 million over the previous quarter. Facebook’s daily active user count may have plateaued in the Americas and Europe, but it’s still growing in Asia and the Pacific. Additionally, this quarter’s $29 billion in revenue set a new quarterly high for Facebook.

2. High FB Video Watchers

 Almost half of Facebook’s users are there specifically to see video content. Additional reasons include photo viewing (65%), material sharing with a group (57%) and 1:1 sharing (43%). A lot of people get their news from Facebook, but some use it to do their shopping. Among those polled, Facebook promotion was mentioned by only 7%.

3. Over 4 billion video views

Even though some sources say that over 8 billion videos are watched on the platform every day on average, we prefer to accept the slightly lower number that the company gives. Also, a daily number of 4 billion is amazing on its own. Even though videos aren’t Facebook’s major focus, this is just 1 billion lower views than YouTube typically receives in a day.

4. 100 Million Day Views

Facebook users likely watch a wide range of videos every day, from short clips to full-length movies, so it’s impossible to pinpoint an exact number. This number is significantly lower than YouTube’s daily average of 500 million hours watched, however this could be due to the shorter length of Facebook videos.

5. 500 Million Watch Daily

The above Facebook video statistics are another truly amazing number. They are much higher than the number of people who use YouTube every day, which is usually thought of as the most famous video platform in the world. Because of this, Facebook is the best place for businesses, influencers, and other content creators to use videos to reach a global audience.

6. 7th Most Popular Brand

While Meta’s stock price fluctuated wildly in 2022, Facebook’s reputation has only grown stronger. With a brand worth of $101.2 billion in 2022, Facebook ranks seventh, well behind industry giants like Amazon, Google, and Walmart. With a brand value of $355.08 billion USD, Apple is far and away the market leader.

7. Marketers Effective Place

84% of video marketers have utilized Facebook as a conduit for promoting video content, according to data culled from Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2019 report. And 85% of users reported positive outcomes from their time on the platform. This is a decrease from last year’s totals (87%). On a brighter side, 78 percent of marketers plan to use Facebook video in upcoming years.

8. 9.21% Conversion Rate

Ads on Facebook often have a quite high conversion rate. Ads on Facebook typically yield a 9.21% conversion rate. However, the particulars could change based on your business. The conversion rate is notably greater in the health & fitness, academic, and medical fields.

9. Live = High Engagement

Live videos have a considerably better engagement rate than pre-recorded videos. The precise figure is dependent on the size of the account, with the disparity narrowing with larger fan bases. Pre-recorded videos, on the other hand, do marginally better than live videos for accounts with at least 50,000 fans.

10. People Watch Sound Off

According to data collected by ChatterBlast Media, silent videos are far more successful than their sound-on counterparts. Turning off the sound increases the likelihood that a viewer will see a video through to the end. This holds true notwithstanding the motivation behind the advertisement.

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The Bottom Line

These Facebook video figures show that the site is a strong competitor to YouTube and even beats Google on several key criteria. Facebook’s reach and targeting make video advertising a leader in ROI for advertisers. If marketers want maximum results from Facebook video advertising, they must pay attention to mobile optimisation and CTA positioning.