OgyMogy – A Facebook Spy App for Digital Parenting

Facebook SpyApp

Digital parenting refers to monitoring activities of the children over the internet and smartphone. The incorporation of technology made the possession of cell phone common for every kid, but kids need to be monitored for all activities in order to protect them from any potential dangers of internet and technology.  

The kids connect with their network using social media apps. The frequently used apps are Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and Facebook. Facebook is the most commonly used social media network among the kids and teens globally. They connect with friends and family using the app, but said network also made kids vulnerable to potential threats. 

It is reported that Facebook is becoming a source of harassment and cyber bullying on kids, as the strangers can connect with the kids without identity verification, so this needed to be coped with. 

For addressing the said purpose, parents need to keep a check on all the online and over the phone activities of their kids. Sometimes, kids over the internet, share personal information with the strangers that can prove to be deadly i.e. sharing financial credentials of parents. So the kids need to be monitored so that they may be safeguarded from dangers of internet and more specifically Facebook. 

The purpose is served by OgyMogy Facebook spy app. The app spies on all the activities performed by the target user on Facebook, each and every bit of communication over the social network can be monitored using the tracking app. 

The app can be used for Android and iPhone devices, it is compatible with almost all the versions of Android and iOS.

Facebook Spy App – OgyMogy

The Facebook spy app tracks all the dynamics of communication whatsoever over the platform. The newsfeed can be spied on easily using the end-user’s phone. The app furnishes an administrative control to the account of the child, if a friend is found suspicious; it can be removed from the contacts list. 

The state of the art facility enables to control the Facebook messenger. All the one-on-one and group chats can be monitored and stalked at any point of time. The end-user can restrict access to the groups that are not suitable for the child to be part of. 

The VoIP calls over the messenger can be listened to in real-time. The calls can also be recorded and saved to the online dashboard on end-user’s demand for later reference. 

There is a feature provided by Facebook messenger that enables to make video calls with friends. The video calls can be stalked using the screen recorder feature of the Facebook spy app – OgyMogy. The screen recorder feature can be turned on by the end-user at any point of time, in this way, all the live whereabouts of the child can be monitored significantly. 

The multimedia share over the messenger can be spied on efficiently. The multimedia can be monitored so that kids may not be exposed to the inappropriate or adult content that may prove to be socially or morally compromising. 

The voice notes sent or received over the messenger can be listened to at any point of time without any inconvenience. The keylogger feature of the Facebook spy app identifies password of the social media application, which goes an extra mile into spying of the social media service presence of the child.

All this prove to be vitally significant because harassment and cyber bullying can only be coped using these tactics. This all needed to be done by maintaining confidentiality because if, by any mean, a child get to know of the activity of spying by the parent, the act may trigger an appropriate behavior from the child having serious implications. So this all is done with secrecy, as smallest of disruption may prove to be deadly. 


It is observed that rising cases of harassment and cyber bullying over the Facebook look for precautionary measure to be incorporated by the parents. Parents need to take responsibility of their child’s safety. All this can be efficiently done by using Facebook spy app – OgyMogy. 

It stalks all the activities performed over Facebook while maintaining great confidentiality in all aspects.