How To Extract Emails From LinkedIn In 2021

extract emails from linkedIn

Q: How can I Scrape emails data from LinkedIn?

Whether you’re looking for a client for your business, hiring an employee, or a trade association, industry-targeted emails from LinkedIn can help you achieve your goal and maximize your return on investment.

And I’ll show you how to pull unlimited LinkedIn emails manually and in an automated way.

Extract emails from LinkedIn

Let me show you how to manually pull LinkedIn emails and if you are a paid member of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find LinkedIn emails like this.

Disclaimer: LinkedIn imposes certain limits on daily profile visits. If you collect these emails manually, you may not be able to extract a limitless amount of emails.

What is LinkedIn Email Extractor?

In Automation, a LinkedIn email Scraper can visit profiles and collect contact information (emails, websites, job profiles, and so on) from LinkedIn search results.

How does a LinkedIn email extractor work?

Go to LinkedIn and search for the keyword you want (for example, founder of a digital marketing agency)

Expand the search results by clicking Load more.

You can now filter these results based on your industry, role, country, etc. to customize search results.

And now start LinkedIn Email Extractor to run in the background.

LinkedIn Email Extractor will crawl all search results pages and extract all emails from your LinkedIn profile.

Problem with another LinkedIn email extractor

There are several email extraction tools for LinkedIn on the market. However, most LinkedIn email extractors have the following issues:

Too complicated to use

Not safe to use (LinkedIn may block your profile for use)

Extremely expensive ($ 200 to $ 500 per month)

You have a credit limit on the amount you can withdraw each month.

How to safely extract unlimited emails from LinkedIn?

While there are thousands of other LinkedIn email extractors on the market, LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor makes automation extremely secure by mimicking human behavior while scraping without having to configure anything. (It’s like plug and play)

How to extract emails from LinkedIn – LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

Other email extractors that claim to be safe are extremely expensive. While LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor offers unlimited searching for LinkedIn emails, this is what awards from other marketers on LinkedIn Automation look like.

Extract emails from LinkedIn using LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

To retrieve emails from LinkedIn, follow these steps:

Download and install the LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

Expand the search results by searching for the specified keyword on LinkedIn.

Now click on “Email Extractor” to start collecting emails in automation.

Reach these potential customers with a personalized email?


If you are looking to mine LinkedIn emails to grow your B2B business or hire the right candidate for your business, LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the most affordable solution to find and contact potential customers within a single plan. The software is just 50 $ per month.