EMAIL MARKETING: 5-Essential Marketing Emails

email marketing

You probably heard of the word email and might be sending it and receiving it in your daily life. In the world of digital marketing, it’s a very familiar word to be used by marketers. There was a myth that marketing through email is a loose end or useless channel as people avoid reading emails. However, It’s going reverse and increase by leaps and bounds, adopting new strategies to help you grow well in business. 

Today, Email marketing has proven its worth, becoming the most profitable and easy medium to generate leads. It is verified cost-effective, easy to use and measurable, customizable, and has many other benefits. While SEO(search engine optimization) improves your business ranking via quality content, email marketing promotes your sales and client engagement. The Best Indian SEO companies offer complete guidance and expertise advice when it comes to winning the war of Indian markets.

Are you confused about promoting your business through Email Marketing? If yes, Let’s begin the journey by knowing the basic definition of Email marketing. 

What is Email Marketing?

Advertising a business by sending emails is what email marketing is. These emails are not the ones you receive every day but a little different, commercial ones to target their valued customers. Generally, each company asks you for your expression of interest in getting these types of emails. 

These mails are the best strategies to connect with potential customers and build a community of people to sell a brand, like a newsletter. 

5-Essential Marketing Emails

There are various types of email used in digital marketing. However, I would focus on the most required ones Welcome, Promotional, Informational, Confirmation, or Retention emails.

  • Welcome Emails:-

These emails enable a brand to set the foundation stone for the cooperation they are looking for, from their subscribers. It would be the first email you are expecting from the company. Most often, it’s a part of the onboarding when a new user becomes a part of the brand. Welcome emails are a crucial part of marketing in engaging more customers, as they get several clicks compared to other marketing emails.

Example of Welcome email:-

Source: Sumo

  • Promotional Emails:-

A promotional email offers special proposals, discounts, a new content release like webinars or ebooks. Every promotional email aims to convince its user to make a purchase. These emails must have a CTA(Call to action), which prompts every reader to take action. Not only do these emails help you to make good revenue but also enhance user engagement. That’s why the main focus is on design and content to compel every user to subscribe to your newsletter. Utilizing relevant messages as a part of a business advertising technique can assist in bringing exposure to your brand, building client commitment and certainty, lifting income.

Example of promotional email:-

Source: Leadsquared

  • Informational Emails:-

Informational emails are one-to-many emails sent to users for introducing new content, the latest product release, other changes that might come forward, and many more. Sending an informational email does not mean advertising the company’s products and increasing sales. The primary motive is to let company customers know about specific pieces of news that are obligatory for them to read or that you think will be useful for them. In brief, making and maintaining a good relationship with the clients by informing up-to-date details should be your end goal.

Example of Informational email:-


Source: Airbnb

  •  Confirmational Emails:-

Have you ever wondered how did you receive it?. An email with your booking confirmation, as soon as you book a hotel, tickets, or transactions?. Indeed, these are auto-generated emails. Usually have some specific information that every company wants that their recipient should have. 

When it comes to designing a confirmational email, email designers don’t fuss with the design they make sure it should be simple and to the point. They precisely know the recipient will never look around the design or template choice as every recipient is worried about an action they took was confirmed or not.

Example of Confirmational email:-

Source: Concep

  • Retention Emails:-

These emails are specifically targeted at potential customers to bring them back to your webpage/website. The prime recipients of retention emails are your existing customers. Engaging them in your product or services, sometimes special discounts and offers should be the secondary goal of your retention mail. Segmentation is a necessary part of marketing before sending a retention email to any recipient. These are two aims you need to be plan while converting email marketing as a tool to grow your business.

Example of Retention email:-


Source: Duolingo

Email marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing that helps you improve your SEO( Search Engine Optimization) efforts. When it comes to marketing through digital forums, all the strategies; SMM( Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), or Email marketing are connected. We have to utilize them in a way that can drive qualified traffic to your website by delivering more targeted content. A great way to advertise your content is to get the help of SEO experts, which would be an asset to your business.

The ultimate goal of email marketing is to boost your website traffic/sales or strengthen your bond with customers by targeting potential customers with current updates, relevant information, and offers. If you are thinking of making a digital presence or are already on the board, this is the right time to utilize email marketing.

Bio: Gurpreet Kaur is a Freelance Content Creator who helps AS Webworks to create content that commands attention, builds authority, and drives action. She has published research papers in technology and written many blogs. Apart from that, She is working as Digital Marketing Intern at AS Webworks.