How To Enable Notifications On Instagram?

enable instagram notifications

A lot of information is shared on Instagram every day on a wide variety of topics that may or may not be of interest. Internet users who do not want to miss a bit of activity can simply activate Instagram notifications. They can even be selective in the alerts to be received to avoid information overload. You also need to know the best services provider on Instagram. BuyFollowersSingapore best platform for this or getting a new update about Instagram.

The process is rather easy whether it is for Android or for IOS


  1. Check in the general settings of the device used the authorization of the Instagram application
  2. Go to the Instagram app
  3. Access the account settings by opening the Instagram app
  4. Tap the Notifications icon
  5. In order to open the notifications, make sure that the function is not on “Stop everything”, otherwise no notification will reach you.
  6. You can select the types of notifications to which you want to have visibility (DM, publications, stories, comments, likes, etc.)


  1. Make sure that the device you are using allows the Instagram app in the settings
  2. Tap notifications
  3. Go to the Instagram app
  4. Click on “Allow notifications”
  5. Select the types of notifications according to the topics that interest you
  6. This last step is also doable in the settings of the Instagram application.

Configure your Instagram app settings

It is possible to activate notifications according to personal interests by using the Push notification option, knowing that these push notifications are initially activated by default.

The approach is rather instinctive so in principle, you should not come up against a major difficulty.

  • The push notifications can be enabled or disabled as needed for mentions likes, comments or references I like the photos or videos live by example. In addition, there is an option that allows you to disable push notifications for live videos. In addition, it is possible to no longer receive first post notifications in the First articles and stories section.

Of course, many other parameters remain modifiable throughout your personalization.

  • At any time, you can activate notifications according to the origin of the publications by choosing From everyone or From people like me


In order to activate notifications for Instagram, here are the steps to follow

  • First, go to the Settings of your device
  • Then go to Notifications
  • Select Instagram
  • Activate notifications and choose the display option: either on the lock screen or in the notification center and banners, continuously or only when the device is unlocked


  • First, you have to open Android settings
  • Go to applications
  • Select Instagram
  • Access notifications and configure as needed
  • Finally, turn the icon to blue to activate notifications.

Once the button has been slid to “Treat as a priority”, the icon turns gray. This means that even in “ do not disturb  ” mode, notifications can be raised.

How to enable/disable push notifications for Instagram

  1. Enter the Instagram app and click on the profile icon
  2. Once you are in the profile you can select the settings from the Hamburger menu
  3. Locate Push Notification Settings or Notifications and click on it