Explore 3 Amazing Ways To Embed Instagram Widget On Website

embed instagram widget

Instagram is a predominantly used social media platform. It has over a billion monthly active users, which caters for a huge counts of audience for marketers and advertisers. Instagram is quite an engaging platform with abundant content generated every few minutes through stories, posts, IGTV videos, and Reels.

You can easily add this interesting and engaging content to your webpage. Let us look at the importance to embed Instagram feed on your webpage before moving forward with the three most accessible and amazing ways to embed the widget onto your webpage.

The Importance of Embedding Instagram widget on your website

Here are some reasons you should consider embedding the Instagram widget on your website. These reasons will surely help the reader understand the importance of embedding.

Social proof

Embedding content from the platform acts as social proof for your website. It shows that the website is legitimate and authentic. Thus this helps the website visitor build trust with the website and the content being presented on it. Embedding also helps the webpage to achieve much higher search engine rankings.

Adds to the visual appeal

Adding vibrant and colorful content in pictures and videos adds up to the visually appealing quotient of the website. The platform’s entertaining content helps beautify the website and create an eye-catching browsing experience for visitors. And eventually, the visitor will spend more time on your website.

Increases website engagement

Adding an Instagram widget on the website will boost its consumer engagement. Making a website engaging builds up for user retaintion. Only textual content and lack of entertaining content will leave the visitors with a boring browsing experience. Embedding engaging and interesting content from Instagram will eventually help decrease the website’s bounce rate. A reduced bounce rate means high chances of increased conversion rates.

More traffic

The most beneficial part of embedding an Instagram widget in your website is enhancing and increasing website traffic. The increased traffic will improve the reach of your website and will also help you cater to a wider audience. Thus eventually increasing your conversion rates.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of embedding the Instagram widget on your website let us discuss the most amazing ways to embed it.

The Best Ways To Add The Instagram Widget To Your Website

Here are some amazing ways to add Instagram widget to your website. These are some of the easiest and most feasible methods to embed the widget. We hope the readers get valuable insights ;

Social Media Aggregators

The most popular method to embed Instagram feeds is using social media aggregator tools. Embedding through aggregator tools does not require technical expertise or coding knowledge. Hence, users can create – collect – curate and embed social feeds from desired social media platforms. Some widely used and prominent social media aggregators are Tagembed, Embed social, Curator, etc.

Social media aggregator tools have a user-friendly interface and provide options for customization as per the convenience and preference of the user, along with being responsive to swiftly adapt and adjust the feed according to the screen. The user can easily access these tools and use their free trials and premium packages as per their convenience and budget.

Instagram embedding code

Yet another easy way to add Instagram photos and videos to the website is through the unique embedding code provided by Instagram for each post on it. The user can use this embedding code to embed interesting and vibrant Instagram pictures and videos on the webpage. 

 However, this process requires time and effort from the user, as each post has to be embedded individually, and this method does not have any auto-update feature. It can be done easily by copying and pasting the embed code on the website’s backend. But the user can not adjust the length and breadth per their requirements.


The last method to add the desired feeds from Instagram can be by taking screenshots and adding them to the website. But by opting for this method, the developers will have to kill a lot of time and devote to taking each screenshot. It is not feasible when we have plenty of photos and videos to embed. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t include auto-update and customization features. Thus, user needs to make changes according to their preference, manually. However, this method is very useful if the user wants to embed only specific posts.

Summing up

To conclude, we can say that Instagram is a very popular and marketable platform and that embedding interesting and engaging content onto your webpage can add up to increased website traffic and a high engagement quotient of your page. Thus abovementioned are some amazing ways to embed an Instagram widget onto your website.