Improve Your Dying Email Open Rates With These Guaranteed Tips

email open rates tips

Not getting leads? Not able to retain your old customers? Your customers are not converting? Have you tried Email Marketing?

Email Marketing! Does it even exist? Yes, it the most preferred marketing choice today. Email marketing is very much alive offering ample business opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, your email marketing campaigns can only be said successful when your customers open your email.

So, how do measure whether your email marketing campaign is a success or not?

The number of people who open the email and the number of people who click on the link i.e. click-through rate. That is how it is measured.

What Do You Understand By Email Open Rate?

An email is only counted as open when the following things occur:

  • The receiver clicks on the link of the email
  • The images in your email are displayed in the preview panel or it is read as full email

If your email marketing open rates are not good, the following are the sure-shot ways to improve them.

1. Writing catchy subject lines

When it comes to email open rates, subject lines takes the center stage. Make them creative to stand out to increase the open rates.

To break the competition, you need to stand out, by writing creative subject lines. The subject lines should be:

  • Entice curiosity
  • Have a conversational, easy tone
  • Speaking in a style and language that subscribers are using regularly
  • Insert some kind of numbers that immediately catches their attention

2. Make it personalized

When you are drafting an email, make sure it doesn’t look like spam mail sent to thousands. Thus, creating a personalized email is important. Draft an email as if it is speaking to a person offering the benefits, value for money thing.

The email should highlight their problems, giving solutions thus enticing them to take action.

3. Delivering email at the right time of the day

This is one of the most important things that the majority of marketers forget, thus a decline in the open rates. Try to send the emails at different timings and days to gauge the best response time from your readers. This might take time, but once it is done you will start getting the leads.

4. Segmenting your list

It is one of the most important strategies that very few businesses follow. Create multiple lists to segment and tailor-made your email accordingly. As not every email will be for everyone. Hence,segmenting your email list will enable you to fine-tune your emails thus enticing interests in your subscribers.

5. Make sure that your previews and preheaders look great in a situation

The preheader is your 2nd subject line. Thus, adding context to your message, and the same is seen when the email is opened. Thus, do the testing and take the preview of how they look on desktop, mobile as well as other digital gadgets.

6. Don’t spam your emails

Keeping your customers and clients updated information is good but sending too many emails creates a bad impression. Spamming their inbox will not only irritate them but put your emails to spam forever.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is a vital part of your digital marketing. It is one of those cost-effective channels that provides you with sure-shot results if done correctly. Follow the above-mentioned pointers and be consistent with the improvements that you are making. Eventually, you will see significant developments in your email open rates.