Email Hosting Myths You Should Not Pay Any Heed To

Email Hosting Myths

Emails are the most professional and authentic mode of communication for business organizations. They are equally beneficial for internal and external communication, as well as provide support and storage for storing business data, files, and other media. However, all of these go down the drain when the organizations opt for ordinary email instead of email hosting plans.
The major reason impacting the business organization’s decision not to go for the email hosting is the number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic. It is specifically applicable to the new setups and ventures who think that they should not invest resources in it if something is available free of cost. However, it is not true as it leads you to loss. Beware of email hosting myths and make a reliable decision for your operations.

Dig deeper into this article to explore email hosting myths you should not pay any heed to.

Top 7 Email Hosting Myth You Should Never Believe

Email hosting is one of the basic requirements of every setup in this modern age, as it helps them establish their image and identity among the target audience. However, you may not believe it if you have fallen prey to the myths surrounding the topic. You can always learn and overcome your shortcomings, so make sure to uncover the truth behind widely believed myths.

Here are some of the major email hosting myths you should never believe in, to minimize your loss.

Business data is secure

The first and most baseless email hosting myth is that business data is secure with ordinary email, and there is no need for hosting services. This myth does not hold any truth. Business data is not secure at all with ordinary email services and can attract more attacks or even security breaches. This is the major reason more and more organizations are now consulting email hosting Dubai based service providers and making sure their business data is safe and secure with them.

Email is not a requirement with instant messenger

The next widely believed email hosting myth that you should not pay any heed to is that emails are not a requirement in the age of instant messenger. Message service is always accessible to everyone, which has made people believe that it is enough to carry out official communications, which is not true. Messenger cannot offer safe handling and management of business documents, presentations, and creating meeting reminders.

Poor weather does not affect emails

Another critical email hosting myth is that poor weather does not affect them at all. This statement also does not hold any truth. When the weather is poor, emails are often not delivered to the recipient, which creates a communication gap and misunderstanding. However, you do not need to worry about your email becoming victim of poor weather with email hosting solutions.

Business is too small to attract email attacks

If you think that your business is too small to attract email attacks, you are supporting a baseless myth. The attackers do not only attack emails of the bigger corporation but any with loose security and lop holes. Most importantly, the attackers aim to steal consumer data, which they can do from the small organizations, and that too without being noticed. So, do not use the myth as your shield and invest in email hosting plans.

Downtime is a part of the business

If you believe that downtime is a part of business operations, and your emails can reach the authorities when everything is fine, you are leading the road to downfall. Such an attitude can cause you more loss than actual mistakes. So, make sure to fix your downtime as it can add to the hassle of your consumer base and prioritize email hosting to offer better service.

A strong password can save the email

One of the most childish email hosting myths anyone can believe is that a strong password can save the email. It is far from reality because decoding a password is just a matter of a few seconds for professional hackers. You need to make sure your emails are hosted by professional service providers that can ensure the tight security of their servers and your data.

Outsourcing emails is riskier

The last email hosting myth that you should never surrender to is that outsourcing emails are riskier. The business organizations think that if their data is with some third party, it will increase the risk of security and limit their access too. They do not acknowledge that the third party here is the ordinary email service and not a hosting service. If you had the same confusion, now is the time to explore email hosting Dubai based services and avail one for your business.

Forget the myths and opt for email hosting!

If you have been a staunch supporter of email hosting myths, you must have earned a huge loss. It is now time to make a beneficial deal. Consult the professional service providers and make sure to invest in suitable email hosting plans to enjoy better service and offer reliable service to your consumer base too.