Positive & Negative Effect of Social Media and its Impact on Student Life

effects of social media

Since we are in a digital era, using social media has become an actual thing. And who knows in upcoming years, everything will actually turn into a global village. As long as social media is helping out people with different queries it’s good. But since it’s pretty clear from day one that everything impacts its surrounding. It can be positive or negative or sometimes it can be both. It depends on how you are using it. 

As we know that some people have been affected by it but took care of themselves. And then there are students. Who think it’s normal to be addicted to your phone 24/7. But certainly, it’s not! It’s the most harmful thing you can do to yourself.

It’s another debate how social media has affected society. But if we look over students, it’s beyond doubt that social media has done some serious damage. As a functioning and responsible member of a society one should consider worse case scenarios. Therefore; in this article, we’ll break down all the impacts of social media into two categories – positive, and negative. Especially in a students’ life. Because teens tend to be on social media quite often. 

They say, if you want to confess something bad, you should start by reminding people of all the good deeds you have done. Therefore; before stating any negative comments or facts, as you can say. We’d start with the advantages of social media. 

Advantages of social media

  • Easy interaction 

Gone are the times when we used to write letters even if it was so important. Social media made it so easy to interact with everyone. And that easy interaction opens many doors to your future. The best thing is that it helps you if you need a custom CV or you want professionals to write the best recommendation letters for you. You just need to drop a text message into their DMS and take a seat back.  

  • Learning opportunities 

The 2nd best thing about social media is that you can have so many learning opportunities on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and now on Snap chat too. There are many online courses and skills you can ace free of cost through social media. What can be better than having an opportunity to learn without spending a heavy amount on it?

  • Informative 

Social media is the platform where you can find the most authentic information. However, it can be true to some extent but you still get a chance to assure it by asking around. Many times this circulating information helps people in need which can be considered as an advantage. But don’t forget everything you see on the internet is not true. Keep digging for the truth.

  • Parental involvement

 Gone are the times when parents have no clue about what’s going on in their kids’ life. Social media made it so easy for them to know what their children are doing. Whether it’s about studies or a normal life. They are up to date and always have know-how about their grades via the school’s Twitter and social media pages! 

  • Creativity 

Once you find your platform. You get creative. Every person has a little creativity inside them but due to a lack of opportunities, some don’t step forward. Let us tell you that it is okay. You might haven’t discovered your passion. It may sound strange but we know many people who learned how to provide LinkedIn Profile writing service UK from a simple social media page. Now they’re running a business because of it!  

These were the positive effects of social media and especially on students. But can we stay in this bubble forever? We assume, no. So let’s look at the other side of the picture!

Disadvantages of social networking sites 

  • Time-consuming 

This one is quite obvious. If you are not doing anything productive on social media, then you are just wasting your time. Because you could have utilized your spare time in doing something constructive. If you want your time to be consumed by it then make sure you get something out of it. Otherwise it’s just like a virtual hangout with a wastage of valuable time.

  • Distraction 

If you are planning to get something done, for example, a house chore, an assignment, or anything, do not open any social media site! We repeat, do not! Because it will get you distracted. And not for an hour or two. Possibly for a whole day. Social networking sites are an addiction. You end up spending too much time on it and that’s how easily it distracts you from your goals. 

  • Several health issues 

Too much screen time causes eyesight problems. Other than that, using cell phones or laptops just before bedtime led to extreme headaches and muscle tension. We are not doctors but we have examined it. In addition to mental health, spending too much time on social media has resulted in depression and anxiety in many teenagers. 

  • Inferiority complex 

That depression comes from the complex. Not everything you see on social media is true. People have lives beyond that and they don’t talk about that on social media but since students do not have a lot of exposure to the world, they believe in everything they see. That makes their lives complex! 


There was a time when only a few of us had access to digital networking sites. But as time passed it became so easy to access and create accounts. Not only professionals but every single person is on some sort of app right now. 

Even after so many advantages, no one would like their loved ones to go through a rough patch that ultimately makes them depressed and anxious about little things. Therefore; we should keep an eye on our loved ones. Because as much as this platform is helpful. It is cruel to the same amount! Be careful with how you are going to use it.