8 Transformative Effects of Social Commerce on the Retail Landscape

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Ever wondered how you would feel if the entire shopping experience from discovering the products to checking out takes place on social media? How would it be if a pair of sweet lemons hits your Instagram feed and all you need is to hit it and add it to the shopping cart?  The shopping opportunities certainly look attractive but you need to go deeper to understand social commerce where products are sold directly.

Reasons to try social commerce

Aren’t you sure if setting up a social media shop would be a good idea? Here are the transformative effects of social commerce:

1. Social commerce removes obstacles

The moment the buyers visualize what’s on offer, they just need to click and buy it. Therefore, social media shops remove all hindrances and make the customer journey seamless. Everything is in the front of the buyers and they need not go anywhere during checkout. Eventually, every click of a potential shopper on social commerce creates an opportunity for them and allows them to make up their minds. Like the other e-commerce stores where customers need to go to the website to add products to the shopping cart, they needn’t be in social commerce. An offshore marketing agency can guide you in this respect and ensure that you always stay ahead.

2. Making lots of money

Do numbers lie? No, they won’t as e-sales are slated to make profits worth $750 billion in the next three years. If you want to join the league, bring the goods to online spaces where potential customers might be hanging out. Research reveals that over 80% of shoppers use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to search for what they are looking for.

3. Making shopping social

Want to make shopping an interactive experience? Hire a full service digital marketing agency in India to move ahead with professional consultation. You must have consulted your bestie when making purchases online. Now, you can interact with them directly. Thanks to social commerce.

4. Live stream shopping

Another trend that is making a comeback is live-stream shopping, which has picked momentum when it comes to engaging customers. With this opportunity, you can boost sales in real time. What is even more interesting is that sellers can broadcast questions and answer sessions, and post product demos as well as behind-the-scenes. The offshore digital marketing services can offer the best suggestions to optimize your social shop.

5. Social audio

Social audio is going to be the next best thing on social media with Facebook Rooms, Clubhouse, and Twitter Spaces. Retailers are gradually beginning to see the potential of social audio where users join in for live conversations. The feature also comes to help sellers trying to build a community and promote their products their way.

6. Creating a focus group

Social commerce not only revs up the transaction process but also gets you good feedback. Your goods and services are out there on social media for consumers to offer reviews. So, you would know what the customers like or dislike about your product. You can also ask your target group to vote on your products. Therefore, social commerce allows you to get clear data about how your product has performed in social circles and cons if any.

7. Favorite shopping platform for Gen Z and millennials

Find out what the age group is for your products. If your product is a crowd-puller and popular among the age group of 18-34, social commerce is invariably the choice they are going to make. Get going with your products. It’s time you open a shop as well.

8. Sell to target audiences

Retailers usually have a hard time selling their products online but being social has its opportunities. You just need to tap the resources to adapt to advertising. Be it those uniquely printed tees or those sunglasses making you look cool, you have the right reasons to showcase your products on social media. Just make sure you search for offshore SEO services to undertake the optimization tasks. Social commerce often presents products in front of an audience in a way where traditional marketing tactics won’t work.

Wondering how social commerce works? It leverages the volume of people using social media platforms. With around 60% of people using Instagram daily and over 35% of users logging on to this platform at different times of the day, social commerce presents a huge potential for brands. With social commerce, you can combine the native shopping experience and the e-commerce integrations. So, get going and deliver the best customer experience.