The Effect Of Marketing Capabilities

marketing capabilities

Any more or less average company needs a system for ensuring control of the results of marketing activities, including subsystems that, respectively, involve planning, organizing and conducting processes for measuring and evaluating the results of the implementation of marketing strategies and plans, and the effectiveness of event management to achieve tactical and strategic marketing goals. However, here’s come the main question on how to control all these results, which are not that much obvious and so difficult to prove.

One way or another, all of these approaches allow you to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and control these parameters.

First, you need to decide how you should consider income and how to classify marketing costs. This article is about how to understand the main concepts about the income and costs of marketing and of course about analysis of approaches.

Marketing revenue

For knowing marketing activities, it is so important to formulate the company’s income in a different way and this actually will be useful for any company. Many researchers classify income according to activities.

Marketing costs

Marketing costs can be divided into two groups.

1) The costs are directly connected with the organization and maintenance of marketing services.

-Marketing staff salaries.

-Depreciation deductions

-Operating costs and others associated with the normal operation of the marketing service.

2) The costs which we are doing with marketing activities which is coming from the marketing plan. 

-Expenses for events related to pricing policy.

-The costs of activities which are related to the promotion of a product (both promotion activities and losses from discounts are included in the cost). 

-The costs which are related to the implementation (marketing).

Marketing budget

As already mentioned, any marketing budget starts with the planned amounts of sales, but the development, execution and control of the budget can demonstrate to us the effective work of a marketer throughout the organization.

For making a budget of your marketing activities, you should consider the different and another method, which uses less than other methods, across the categories of the customers. It is known that retaining a client is cheaper than attracting, according to some sources, the cost of attracting an average of five to seven times more than retaining

Effectiveness and Effects of Marketing

Just know and consider how effective the return budget of the marketing costs. We all know that one of the hardest works of a of management activities, and it can’t always be made in a direct way due to the lack of formalized results, a quantitative assessment of certain types of work performed, and the difficulty of allocating income from marketing.

The purpose of which is to determine the existing and prospective opportunities for the economic activity of the enterprise, and possible problems. At the same time, it is so important and even necessary to analyze the marketing activities, but it is not enough for marketing a full program. For a full marketing program, you should take the careful analysis of other things.