Dunzo Social Media Campaign


Social media marketing is the utilization of online media platforms to interface with your audience to fabricate your image, increment deals, and drive site traffic.

Some of the significant social media stages (right now) are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat.

There are likewise a scope of social media that assists organizations with capitalizing on the online media stages recorded previously. 

For instance, Buffer is a foundation of social-based media the executives devices, which can assists you with making progress with your online media promoting. 

What is Dunzo?

Dunzo is just an application that offers services to convey and move. It give’s food supply, pick-and-drop offices, conveyance of bundles, nearby messages and an entire rundown which goes on.

Like the expression ‘Lets Dunzo it’ essentially implies Dunzo is the objective in the event that anything is to be moved starting with one area then onto the next. Dunzo is the first immediate speculation of Google in Quite a while because of its sound methodology.

Dunzo’s Marketing Strategy

In its business crusades, it faces numerous obstructions. The vital objective of Dunzo is to spread information about the multi-value of the application by advancing through utilization of different means that can be on the online or offline. Yet, since marketing is done online these days the majority of the occasions, Dunzo utilizes it online stage effectively by making personality interesting to its shoppers. Marketing strategy of Dunzo is as simple as it could be. Dunzo’s Marketing strategy was not only to acquire the offline business but also to attract the online audiences by targeting them as per their interests. 

Dunzo’s marketing strategy is one of the most unique and significant strategy that one can use to maximise profit and sales. Marketing strategy of Dunzo was cleverly made with the only mindset of targeting the audience and maximise their profits and sales. 

To draw people’s interest, marketing strategy of Dunzo used the expressions and dialogues from Bollywood. Dunzo’s marketing strategy was enough clever to create everyday notifications interwoven with amazing melodies and film titles. 

Marketing strategy of Dunzo made Dunzo’s material regularly clear and composed with the key green or dark shades of the logo. Dunzo’s marketing strategy establishes a solid vivid climate, which ingrains good faith on little screens with respect to online media platforms like- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook functions admirably for Dunzo. Marketing strategy of Dunzo was to spread day by day life post’s with the guide of their mascots, Harri and Dunya.

These characters, wearing Dunzo gears, address the considerations of a Dunzo-accomplice in every day conditions.

Marketing strategy of Dunzo always focused on making brand correspondence around its soldiers. The only objective of Dunzo’s marketing strategy is to delineate the activities and solidarity between the different brands on the grounds that are generally together. Marketing strategy of Dunzo also shares individual worker’s data and focused on their diligent effort to make a big difference for things. The associations wherein Dunzo had colleagues were additionally conveyed by the clever Marketing strategy of Dunzo. 

Like whatever other brand that manages customer assistance, Twitter is also key to Dunzo. This is the place where Dunzo’s marketing strategy cause clients to feel heard with two-way correspondence. As of late, it has gotten more significant than before as individuals will in general have more inquiries concerning conveyances during the lockdown. So, marketing strategy of Dunzo is so significant and concerned with every situations of the life. It is additionally assisting them with featuring accessible brands and tasks. 


Dunzo’s marketing strategy is proven by the way that it turned into an action word, suppose Dunzo! To expand public commitment, it is vital that marketing strategies of Dunzo to be clever and significant.  As organizations extend, the cleverness of marketing strategies of Dunzo helped it to reach the right crowed. Current Dunzo’s marketing strategies, which exposure organizations would utilize, are accessible for this.