Drive Free Traffic to Your Website with SEO

Website with SEO

Search Engine Optimization lies at the heart of internet marketing, and it is exactly what can drive free traffic to your website

Rumors have been going around that SEO is not all that important anymore, and that’s all that they are – rumors. In comparison to other traffic driving strategies, experts believe that SEO is 70% more effective. Marketers are spending more of their time and energy on SEO now, more than ever before which speaks for its effectiveness. In this piece, we will cover several ways to drive free traffic to your site with SEO that are a sure-shot success.

SEO Methodologies to Drive Free Traffic to Your Site:

There are a number of ways you can leverage the power of SEO; the following are the most popular and effective.

1.  Keyword Research:

Ok, so first and foremost, keywords are a lifesaver and can help your website stand out to potential clients/customers. It can drive healthy traffic to your website for absolutely no additional cost. The help you refine your SEO efforts and even capture traffic from any relevant searches.

With proper utilization of keywords, you can:

  • Enrich your website content and help to engage your targeted audience. They allow you to understand what interests your target audience and what they find relative.
  • Keywords ensure better conversions by attracting actual convertible leads. The more your content sounds and acts meaningful to your target audience, the more likely they are to convert.
  • Enriching meta-descriptions, headers, URLs, Page Titles with keywords ensure better hits.

There are a variety of free tools available that can provide valuable insights on keywords. They can show you the keywords used by your competitors, how you can use particular keywords to design an effective keyword strategy, and how particular keywords that may affect your website negatively should be excluded.

2.   On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is where you optimize your web pages to make them visible online and drive your desired traffic to them. There are a variety of practices involved in On-Page SEO that, although free to implement, yet play a vital role in driving traffic towards the site. To name the practices involved in On-Page SEO:

  • Using Proper keywords in the content used on site
  • Regularly uploading new and engaging content enriched with the right keywords
  • Using the right meta-tiles and meta-descriptions that can help in indexing the site content
  • Image optimization

All the aforementioned can be implemented free of cost if one has the right set of knowledge. If you are a bit tech-savvy, you won’t find it hard to add Robox.txt, XML sitemap, Search console update, site indexation, and Google analytics update, all of which are vital aspects of on-page SEO and can help drive relevant traffic to your site.

3.   Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO involves practices that are not performed on the site and instead, externally contribute to the growth and development of the site traffic organically. It is the art of making your website appear lucrative to the potential visitor/client and making it appear credible and valuable to the search engine. The process is equally long but of course, free to implement if you have the right set of technical expertise. It involves:

  • Link building, the practice of acquiring hyperlinks to other relevant and useful websites for your own use. It helps to rank your site on search engine result pages and make it more visible to the visitor.
  • Business history
  • Blog commenting
  • Forum commenting
  • Guest-post writing
  • Article or blog post writing
  • Social bookmarking, which makes your website content appear valuable to the search engine algorithms
  • PDF submissions

Although it may seem a lot, implemented properly, they can drive a good amount of traffic to your website for no additional cost whatsoever.

Should I Do It Myself?

It depends, if you think you are technically apt, then go for it. In my experience, I have discovered that a great majority of people who want to employ SEO to drive traffic to their site end up making more than several mistakes. It is best to opt for professionals who have an idea of what they are doing. I will highly recommend SeoBrothers who have a clean track record of providing exceptional SEO services that have been benefited by several renowned sites.

So rather than opting to do it yourself, leave it to the pros who have an idea of what they are doing.


In an article published in Forbes, SEO was listed at the top among “23 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website.” It is something that can not be circumvented if you wish to have your website noticed online. Implementation of the practice is really affordable and the results speak for themselves. In a world where 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine, it is only wise to have your site optimized accordingly to have any chance of making it the first page of SERPs and be noticed.

Author Bio:

Started to work as an SEO specialist in iGaming, Cryptocurrency, and e-commerce niches in 2015 year. Have a lot of experience as a teacher on the Internet marketing courses. In nowadays I manage SEO department in an international company SeoBrothers. I think a good SEO specialist is a go-getter person who always open to learning new things.