Does Your Business Need eCommerce PPC Management?

eCommerce PPC Management

Pay-per-click, or PPC, marketing, differs considerably from most organic approaches to expanding the reach of your business and generating new sales online. Unlike the organic and semi-organic approaches of search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media marketing, PPC enables you to “buy” keywords and “rank for” or display in top positions of the Google search results, paying for the listing only after a user clicks on the ad.

While almost all eCommerce businesses can profit via a well-planned PPC marketing strategy, you may be on the fence about hiring an eCommerce PPC Management company to handle the campaign for you. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself, and considerations you can make, to help determine if outsourcing is worth the expense.

Does Your Business Experience Issues with Scaling, Growth, or Digital Marketing Efforts?

One of the main reasons that online businesses tend to partner with eCommerce PPC management companies is because they’re currently struggling with booming sales, growth, and scalability.

Now, to be clear, the choice of the word “struggling” here is not intended to be specious. Most businesses would not consider it a bad problem to be unable to manage to scale with growth, but it is a problem nonetheless.

If your business is running out of human resources to manage the day to day operations but continues to rely on marketing efforts to generate new business, it may be time for you to consider working with an eCommerce PPC management company to help carry come of the load and run your eCommerce PPC campaign.

Does Your Marketing Team Have the Resources Necessary to Perform Continuous Optimizations to Your PPC Campaign?

Another big indicator that it might be profitable for your eCommerce business to partner with a PPC agency is if your marketing team simply doesn’t have the ability to draft ad copy, plan your ad campaign, and, more importantly, run, monitor, and implement continuous optimizations. Whether you don’t have a dedicated marketing team or your team can’t shoulder the entire burden, an PPC management company can help you reach more of the eCommerce market.

A PPC management company will manage every aspect of your PPC strategy, from developing and optimizing your landing pages to drafting your PPC ads to managing your ad spend. A trusted digital marketing agency partner will also keep close track of the performance of each of your ad campaigns, monitoring user behavior very closely.

This continuous monitoring and reporting will enable your paid search partner to optimize your advertising strategy for the highest possible return on investment. PPC agencies define buyer persona, target audiences according to geographic, demographic, and age-based qualifiers in addition to countless other variables. By making fine adjustments to the course of a campaign in accordance with user behavior, a PPC agency will work tirelessly to continuously improve your quality scores and conversion rates, maximizing the profitability of your PPC strategy.

Remember: Some Businesses Are PPC Restricted

While this article is intended to give you some insight into whether or not it would work in your interest to hire an eCommerce PPC management company, it’s important to note that some industries are paid search restricted, or PPC-restricted.

If Google considers your industry restricted, you will not be able to engage in a paid search campaign and will need to rely on other digital marketing efforts, such as social media marketing and SEO, to generate organic traffic to sustain your business; fortunately, a full-service, strategic digital marketing partner like 1Digital Agency can manage all of these types of campaigns.

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