The Digital Transformation Rule For 2023 – Align Your Marketing & Sales Teams Together!

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Living in the digitally transforming world, you must have heard how digital marketing agency Cambridge and others are bringing a revolution in the landscape of business working ethics. Digital marketing and SEO services company in Bristol and in every other part of the world have become an essential part of how businesses are expanding and reaching new market share.

However, it has been observed that when a company goes through a digital transformation, it is encountered with many roadblocks. This usually happens because of the disconnection between the business teams. And this problem creates a need to align the sales and marketing teams together so that businesses can achieve better brand awareness, recognition, reach and revenue in the long run as one big team. 

Now, how can we know if the sales and marketing teams are on the same page throughout this digital transformation journey?

The Forever Role Of Marketing & Sales In The Overall Digital Transformation Journey!

Aspiring for a complete digital makeover of a brand is a crucial and time-consuming task. With the help of an SEO services company in Bristol and the renowned and trusted digital marketing agency Cambridge, you can easily climb up the ladders to maintain a strong and bold digital presence. At the same time, it could be said that the responsibility of managing the digital landscape was once used to be the sole responsibility of CEOs and COOs. But now the trend and responsibility are changing. Now, most of the big and revolutionary digital projects lie within the responsibility span of CMOs and marketing top management of any business.

As per recent research, almost 71% of senior marketers and approximately 60% of mid-level marketers are responsible for changing the digital marketing evolution with skills, leadership, awareness, and revenue generation.

These factors are generally responsible for bringing better customer and industry insights by delivering an increased ROI on digital marketing efforts. With these focused key areas, businesses can easily drive enhanced brand awareness by covering crucial touch points that are capable of bringing and attracting potential leads along with the prospects of delivering high-quality leads and conversions for the sales team. 

What Makes Alignment Of Marketing & Sales Team Critical For The Success Of Digital Transformation?

Ultimately all businesses wish that both their sales and marketing work in a smooth collaboration as a perfectly oiled machine. To achieve this target, many brands get in touch with the leading digital marketing agency Cambridge and resolve this in the most systematic and planned approach. Talking of an ideal business working environment, the marketing team should understand, measure and bring prospects that can turn out in conversion by handing them to the marketing team. If, at times, prospects are not turning out in conversions, then the process should be able to work in both ways. It shall work to bring better prospects in the future that gets converted to high ROI.

But unfortunately, this is not how it is working in most of the businesses. Leads can easily fall off the trap if things are not nurtured or planned in the right direction.

So how can you work on this gap and develop a process that brings the desired results?

How The Alignment Of Digital Marketing & Sales Team Can Bring In The Desired Effects?

First, there could be innumerable benefits of bringing your sales and marketing teams together on the same page. It begins with better in-house management and collaboration of management teams that also allows the team members of each team to know the working patterns and ethics. However, SEO Services company Bristol could be a great help in bringing your business to the front line of the digital landscape. With the right and effective SEO services in collaboration with the leading digital marketing agency Cambridge is a sure-shot way to win your brand the right online recognition, awareness, visibility, and reach in the target audience.

The Top 3 Super Big Benefits It Brings To Your Business In The Long Run:

Creates An OmniChannel Digital Strategy:

It might sound like a buzzword, but it has a valid meaning whenever there are multiple touchpoints for the target audience- be it online or offline. An omnichannel strategy is a right solution that ensures that wherever your client or customer interacts with your business, your digital transformation journey stays uninterrupted. It facilitates the delivery of a seamless customer experience. 

Gain Right & Required Customer Insights:

It is certainly one of the strong points of carefully aligning your sales team & marketing management together. When these both work while being on the same page, it becomes a lot easier and simpler for your business to gain access to the knowledge and worthy customer insights that can bring up real change. If your business is serious about getting a strong online presence, it is also imperative that it must collaborate with a trusted Seo Services company in Bristol that can help create the best local SEO strategies for an amazing online transformation.

While the marketing team of your business could have some serious goals about a prospect, the sales team, on the other hand, could help with getting customer insights that collectively create the right atmosphere for reaching success in the long run. The main points to get valuable customer insights are collected from these areas:

  • Polls Or Surveys
  • One to One Communication
  • Customer Reviews & Feedback
  • Content Marketing and Engagement
  • Live events like webinars or social media platforms for livestreams
  • Third-Party Data Generation
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Podcast Listening
  • Important Industry Insights

The right combination of these two major teams can give an accurate and clear picture of how a client or prospective customer behaves in a particular scenario. While at this stage, you must combine your qualitative and quantitative data to develop customer knowledge and insights with a detailed personal profile to get a clear focus.

Get Better With Personalisation:

As per a recent report by Mckinsey, almost one-quarter of the customers agreed on the point that personalisation and customised products and services have made them feel inclined to a particular brand. Therefore, it could be well interpreted that personalised communication has been an important factor in playing consideration for a specific business or brand. Almost 78% of the customers agreed that tailor-made schemes have made them think about repurchasing from the same brand or business.

Coming back to our benefit of playing with personalisation in the digital marketing agency Cambridge, it not only is effective in creating engaging and effective leads conversions, at the same time, it also helps to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. It is a well-known fact that people love it when they are given value and respect, and bringing the personalisation element along with the SEO services company Bristol can be extremely beneficial in bringing the desired results in your digital marketing transformation journey.

Wrapping It Up: With the above-mentioned benefits and factors, it must be clear now that aligning the marketing and sales team together could achieve a lot of benefits to the business in the context of digital transformation. But before getting to this point, there is a lot to do and achieve at the in-house level of an organisation. It is quite feasible to understand that bringing the teams together to work cohesively by being on the same page can bring your business benefits like better leads, conversions, enhanced customer engagement & experience and an overall increased sales and revenue in the long run. Get set to experience a beneficial digital transformation journey with the above-mentioned points.