5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Marketer Should Focus On

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends

Welcome to the realm of digital marketing, a sphere that is ever evolving due to technological advancements and customer behaviors. When we look at modern marketing, it’s largely different from that of a few decades back and in fact, several realities are expected to continue shaping the sphere.

There are currently smarter and more effective marketing techniques, however, more than ever before, marketing has become competitive and costly. The latest digital advertising insights indicate that advertising spending is expected to reach US$616.00bn in 2022 with 69% of it generated through mobile by 2027.

Modern digital marketing is highly driven by many things including content marketing which involves the creation of content for a target audience. However, creating and pushing content to the right audience is a daunting task in the modern era. That’s because there is a lot of information on the internet and poor digital marketing strategies can impede advertising results.

At this juncture, we would like to explore some of the top most effective digital marketing trends that marketers can focus on to attain incredible results. These have proven to offer sizeable results to businesses and brands of all sizes.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for Marketers in the Modern Era  

There are many digital marketing techniques, but following these trends will help you optimize your marketing efforts;

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, search engine optimization is currently one of the top most reliable digital marketing techniques in the modern era. SEO as a marketing tool involves improving the quality of the websites.

Businesses or organizations with websites can leverage SEO to improve their ranking on search engines. Improving the quality of a website helps it to rank higher in searches. This helps internet users to land on the site more often.

When more people land on a site, the more it receives traffic. This traffic can turn into leads, conversions, and better sales for a business. There are also several forms of search engine optimization and these include on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and local SEO. Targeting these forms of SEO can offer all-round results.   

However, it should be noted that SEO is a long-term solution and quite technical. You will have to follow several tips for optimizing your website for search engines. Generally, a digital marketer must continue improving the site’s quality for several months to achieve reasonable results.

  • Video Marketing

Do you know that over 80% of video marketers assert that video marketing increases sales? Video marketing is a super digital marketing trend that is upgrading marketing and is expected to retain a top spot in the realm of marketing.

This form of marketing requires a marketer to create videos and post them on any preferred video platform like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest among others. Videos are associated with a better engagement score and have proven to be a reliable content consumption medium.

Besides that, findings also show that video marketing can improve SEO and as well boost conversions and sales. Videos are highly consumable and take a shorter period to produce results when compared to SEO.

All that marketers must do is create high-quality video content about a product or service. Marketers should also be keen to post the videos on the right platform for higher views and reviews.

  • Social Media Marketing

No business or brand can think about digital marketing without considering social platforms. More than half of the world’s population (59.3%) is on social and with an overview, the numbers are only expected to increase.

Social media marketing is a trend that allows businesses and brands to leverage social sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest among others to engage with target audiences.

Currently, businesses not only use social media to improve brand awareness and promote their products but also to sell on these platforms. Instagram is currently the top most leveraged social platform for businesses globally, because of its features that allow businesses to connect with their followers.

Investing your time in social media marketing and management can improve business ROI and simplify marketing. Avenues like Instagram and Facebook can be used to sell to boost monthly returns and build a stable online presence.

  • Personalization

Modern marketing is highly becoming more about personalized experiences! Want to boost conversions or increase sales? You may want to tap into the power of personalized marketing.

A whopping 90% of modern customers prefer personalized online encounters and studies indicate that these experiences are 15% more likely to end in a purchase.

Personalization isn’t a tale, but a reality that is associated with a range of benefits. Personalized encounters offer a perception to customers that their brands know them. These encounters also make customers happier and are some of the best approaches to retaining them.

From the business point of view, personalization can lay a platform for boosting a range of marketing KPIs such as average time on new content and website traffic. Personalized product recommendations are also one of the best techniques to increase business return on investment and push products in front of the right eye.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Podcast Marketing

Although relatively a newer form of digital marketing, podcasts have proven to be a reliable trend. The practice generally involves the recording of audio and distributing broadcasts to the target audience.

Podcasts can help a business grow its audience, influence customers, and increase brand awareness. Today there are many podcast hosting sites and platforms such as RSS.com, and Buzzsprount among others that can help a brand reach out to its target audience.

However, to attain incredible results from podcasts, you must have clear goals and should create quality content. Also, be sure to promote your podcast and support it with great speakers or influencers.

Bottom Line

The digital marketing realm presents a wide range of strategies for reaching out to a target audience. However, as time passes, certain digital marketing strategies cease to be more effective, and better trends set in. Also, as technology advances, there are several shifts that we witness in the modern world that are impacting digital marketing such as AI. However, if you’re a digital marketer, consider these digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the competition and optimize your marketing efforts.