Digital marketing strategies in 2021: Trends and tips

Digital marketing strategies

2020 has been a year that changed the lives and views of many people all over the world. Although the world took a decline and even a negative turn, that doesn’t mean it is all disadvantages. In fact, the COVID pandemic opened opportunities that a lot of people had neglected in the past. One of those is being more active in online business engagements.

The eCommerce industry took a huge leap in 2020 because of the strict implementations of quarantine and health protocols. A lot of businesses reverted to online selling not only to survive but also to attract more customers. That is why digital marketing had become a vital trend last 2020.

Since the pandemic is showing little signs of eradications, the need for digital marketing will continue in 2021. In order for businesses to stay on track, they hire digital marketing agency Singapore companies to help them. They are also stepping it up by implementing new social media marketing Singapore strategies. In this article, we will cover the trends and tips in digital marketing strategies for 2021.

2021 Tip #1 – Use of interactive content

In the digital marketing world, content is an indispensable part of marketing on any platform. This is something that digital marketing agency Singapore firms compete to be able to produce them in high-quality. The best type of content that gets a lot of engagement is videos. However, several social media marketing Singapore experts can agree that interactive content will take over this 2021.

Interactive content solicits engagement from the audience. Some examples of interactive content are simple games, online quizzes, and virtual tours. These are not only fun to interact with, but they also bring engagement and information to the audience. If an eCommerce website is able to make use of this, it can increase its online engagement by up to 200%.

2021 Tip #2 – Being available for online communication

As a result of the pandemic, people are now preferring to do their purchasing activities online. In a physical store setup, people can directly ask a salesperson or even the manager about the products they are selling. In an online store setup, people can also ask questions but most of the time, it doesn’t get answered immediately. Most digital marketing agency Singapore professionals can agree that being available for online communication is vital in keeping your audience interested.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a product is not the only factor why a person purchases it. A lot of times, it is more about how the product is being sold to them. That is why providing the best customer service will be what online businesses will compete for. This is especially the case if you will employ social media marketing Singapore techniques to promote your business.

2021 Tip #3 – Focusing on local SEO

Since people are asked to stay home most of the time, traveling is restricted in certain locations. Furthermore, most people will prefer to have minimal exposure to the outside world in order to not catch the virus. That is why most customers will rather do their exploring and shopping online. For that reason, most digital marketing agency Singapore specialists suggest that businesses should focus on improving their website’s local SEO.

Local SEO allows a business to rank high in search engines with local queries. For example, Rani, a resident in Orchard Road, needs new toys for her pet dog. To make her search faster, she logged in to Google and searched for “pet shop Orchard Road Singapore”. By doing this, she was able to find three pet shops within 2 kilometers of her home. Thus, businesses should take advantage of Google listing apart from localizing their website’s SEO.

2021 Tip #4 – More attention to social media marketing

People are now more present in social media since they cannot go out often for leisure purposes. This is how they stay connected with their friends and family and also find entertainment. For this reason alone, social media marketing Singapore strategies will become more helpful. Businesses should focus on building their social media presence through the help of social media marketing Singapore professionals. You can get one by hiring a digital marketing agency Singapore firm that provides social media marketing services.

Hire Digital Solutions

The eCommerce industry will likely excel in 2021 and beyond even after the pandemic. That is because more and more people are seeing how convenient it is to make their purchases online. If you are a business owner who is just starting in adapting to digital marketing, you need expert help. A good company to get in touch with is Digital Solutions since they are a digital marketing agency Singapore company that also provides social media marketing Singapore service. Send them an inquiry now!