Why Digital Marketing is Important for Your Business?

digital marketing

Are you good at reading numbers? It is indispensable to apprehend the essence of digital marketing in this new globalised world without numbers. So, what do our numbers say? According to the report, ‘Digital 2021: Global Overview Report,’ we have over 5 billion active internet users in the world. Also, the number of mobile users in 2022 has grown to 5.07 billion, creating tons of opportunities every day for new businesses to make a significant connection with the population sitting across the world, regardless of any political, social, or cultural borders. What are your thoughts now after reading this data? Somehow convinced, right? We have something more concrete. Just continue reading.

Starting with the concept of digital marketing, we will try to scrutinise this umbrella term to acquire a more comprehensive and clear insight into the topic along with the persuasive strategies from which you can start your digital marketing campaign to assure the increased sale of your company’s product or services. So, let’s begin.

With the development of the internet and the evolution of the Web 1.0 platform in the 1990s, it became easy to share information from one person to another over a dedicated space called the web. Until the first clickable banner (advertisement) went onboard over a digital platform in 1993, the marketers were unaware of the possibility of such digital space. But you can see the transformation that the entire digital space has undergone over time after the advent of big players like HotWired (1993), Yahoo (1994), and Google (1998). In recent years, the visible prospect was marked by the first exponential surge of search engine traffic that was witnessed in the year 2006. The search engine traffic that year grew to 6.4 billion that year and was sufficient to attract marketers all over the world.

What Is Digital Marketing?

What if we remove the word ‘Digital’ from the term ‘Digital marketing?’ We are left with a standard term, i.e., Marketing. Yes, it is easy to understand now. Making a connection with your users or customers, promoting your product, penetrating to the depth of the market to find potential customers, and creating brand awareness, this is how a traditional marketing strategy looks like. But, with more than 5 billion active internet users and 4.76 billion social media users making it a bit easier to reach out to your potential clients, the entire marketing dynamics have shifted to a new axis, i.e., digital. Hence a new term was coined, having a new approach, strategy, and medium to fulfil desired aim and targets.

The use of digital channels, primarily search engines, websites, social media platforms, and mobile devices, are used to market products or services of the company. However, digital marketing is an extensive term, or more specifically, it could be understood as an umbrella term that involves connecting customers using content marketing, search engine optimization, and a lot more that you will get to learn further in this blog.

Reason Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Business?

The facts mentioned above are sufficient to comprehend the significance of numbers as well as the research you conduct before initiating a particular strategy for your business. An ideal person sitting miles away from you can be your probable client if you have worked exceptionally well on your digital marketing strategy. Such a strategy allows you to connect with the clients and feed them the data they want to know about your product and its uniqueness.

Consider a hypothetical scenario. What will be your first step if you are planning to purchase a specific product or a service? Undoubtedly, you will do solid research, and the most feasible option that helps you in research is the internet. No one likes to roam around the stores in this competitive market. Yes, this same case applies to your own product or service which you are trying to sell in the market. People come across advertisements thousands of times a day, and at this moment, they partially make up their minds about what to purchase and from where. So, if your product or service is visible to people, you will definitely crack a solid sales target. How will digital marketing help you? Let’s see how. 


The first thing current businesses need to understand is the importance of making a connection with the people. It can be an emotional, physical, or cultural connection that could help them to relate to the brand. People tend to collect information about the brand of which they are not aware of. So, the first thing you can do is to present your business as a brand and let people know about it through your company’s website, social media handles, messages, comments, reviews, and emails. All you have to do is create a concrete content strategy that delivers exactly what you want to portray to your potential customers.                  


If you have been into digital marketing for a considerable period, you must have heard about specific tools like Google Analytics, Google keywords planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush. Such tools allow you to understand your client’s (your target customer base) behaviour. You can uncover various aspects like your competitor’s promotion strategies, ideas to grow your share in a particular market, and the activities your clients prefer viewing or have viewed in the recent past. In short, digital marketing helps you analyse the loopholes in your current marketing strategies and provides you with a detailed analysis report on which sector you need to work on the most. 


Certainly, along with the multiple aspects offered, digital marketing will also help you widen your consumer base. Various options are available like email, messages, images, infographics, and videos through which you can explain your product or service to your customers. Also, companies can run brand awareness campaigns or advertisements to promote specific services which are lagging in the customer’s priority lists. Here, expansions also signify the physical boundaries that can be struck with the help of a perfect digital marketing strategy. You can promote visually rich and informative content that specifies all your products/services details to the customer and assure a global reach.


There are substantial ways that can guarantee consumer engagement and traffic for your company. Apart from basic consumer strategies, creating an email newsletter, personalised communication strategies, adequate response to initiate new interaction, asking for feedback, and active social media techniques can assure a solid engagement with your client. Such engagement strategies also ensure students build solid brand awareness and help build the public’s confidence in your brand. Try to find out new ideas that can be used to create a link between you and your customers.

10 Major Elements of Your Next Digital Marketing Strategy:

1. Approachable website with appealing content.

2. Select a target audience (classify them based on age, gender, needs, etc.).

3. Search engine optimization, or SEO strategy.

4. Create a strong brand story and let people know about it.

5. Avail yourself of the benefit of email marketing (email newsletter to spread your words).

6. An effective social media marketing strategy.

7. Analyze your competitor.

8. Digital advertising campaigns (retargeting ads, pay-per-click (PPC), display, and social media).

9. Keep people involved and engaged. Try new offers, campaigns, notifications, or press releases.

10. Monitoring your analytics (tracking software)

To Wind Things Up:

Considering all of the facts mentioned above, digital marketing offers you more accessible personalisation, quantifiable results, cost efficiency, convenient conversions, and broad coverage. There are endless possibilities in digital marketing that can change the entire dynamics of your promotional and marketing strategy. For sure, the world is going digital, and getting the best out of it, bring your business digital too.