Digital Customer Service: 4 Ecommerce Tips to Improve Customer Experience

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As a business owner, you should know by now that nothing will grow your company more effectively than loyal customers. Having a vast network of clients who purchase frequently, leave good reviews, and refer your business to their friends is the best way you can improve your sales without spending too much of your precious budget.

To drive this point home, research shows that highly engaged customers are 90% more likely to make another transaction than a new customer.

Considering the figure above, this statistic is the main reason you should prioritize customer retention. Investing in a comprehensive marketing strategy can help you acquire more leads, but creative ads and out-of-the-box promos won’t be enough to make your business thrive. If you’re in the retail industry, the experience you provide to your customers will be crucial to your success.

Digital Customer Service: 4 Ecommerce Tips to Improve Customer Experience

To get you started on the right track, the guide below will discuss four helpful ecommerce tips that will help you scale up in no time.

Utilize live chat and chatbots

Your clients and prospects should have an easy time getting in touch with you. Instead of letting them schedule an appointment, you can instantly resolve their issues through live chat. Naturally, your customers want to have their problems solved as soon as possible, and having this feature will allow you to provide support in real-time.  

In case your inquiries are increasing in number, you can minimize the workload of your representatives through self-service options. Investing in chatbots will highly valuable for your company since they can solve simple concerns without the intervention of an agent. 

If your workforce is limited or if you don’t have the resources to build an in-house team, this option is a great alternative.

Improve your order fulfillment process

Order management can be a very meticulous process. From the moment your customer places an order, you’ll need to ensure that all entries stay in sync. Falling victim to inaccuracies may cause you to send out the wrong orders, which can greatly irk your clients. At the same time, returns and exchanges can also subject you to additional losses.

The best way to streamline your order fulfillment process would be through automation. Getting a capable fulfillment software will help you avoid shipping mistakes while saving you a great deal of effort.

Optimize for mobile

Considering the world’s dependence on smartphones, you should make it a point to optimize for mobile. Nowadays, people spend a good amount of time on their phones, and your customers are no exception. To give you a better picture, it’s estimated that the average person spends around 3 hours a day on their device.

Ramping up your website or app’s speed and payment process will pave the way for a seamless time. In case you want to maximize your presence on mobile, consider acquiring SMS marketing services.

Don’t forget post-purchase engagements

Providing outstanding ecommerce customer service doesn’t stop at the checkout counter. While closing on a sale is something you should be happy about, you should convince your customers to come back through post-purchase engagements. Sending a thank-you note may sound simple, but this simple gesture can already leave a good impression. 

On the other hand, offering personalized deals and allowing your clients to provide feedback are ways you can show that you care.

Grow Your Business through Great Customer Experience

If you’re looking to build a loyal client base, then you should understand that customer service greatly matters in commerce. Providing a pleasant customer experience will greatly improve your reputation in the market and pave the way for future transactions.