Different Types Of Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads

We all know that how stressful it is when you get an ad while watching your favorite movie or series, we grief the time, but these pop-up ads in between the videos are a very good source of marketing strategy for the vendors. By the way, all the videos have ads nowadays. In this way, the vendors can market their products to the customer. Youtube is the most ranked page worldwide. It has its popularity.

Who watches ads? Mostly skipped by everyone, very few people get attracted to the ads and follow them. But is a strategy of publicizing in a most effective method.

There are different types of youtube ads, let us have a look at them.

Skippable video ads

Skippable ads occur at the starting of the video, ending of the video, or in between. The ad span is of approximately 6-12 sec, but if the viewer watches it for 30 sec, the vendor will be charged for it so that is why we have the skip ad choice. The most crucial thing when making an ad is the first few seconds on how you make it look attractive to the viewers.

Non-skippable video ads

The playing of this ad is similar to the skippable ads. The only variation is you do not have the skip option on the video because they are paid ads to promote the vendor’s brand in the market. These have time limits between 15-20 seconds. CPM is incurred per number of users.

Bumper ads

You can view these ads on your smartphones and systems. They are usually 6 sec or less than that. These ads are short and have powerful contents to attract the viewers, so it is nevertheless creating awareness on the brand to increase the vendor’s sale, and these ads cant be skipped.

4. Overlay ads

These ads are quite annoying, they occur as an image with a cross symbol, they pop up most of the time. Overlay ads occur only on the system on a bigger screen. It occurs at the base of the video. At the same time, there is more focus on the ad to cancel it and vice versa may give the ads a perspective to promote itself.

5. Display ads

Display ads are the ads displayed through an image or animated images, it is usually displayed on the system like overlay ads. The position of these ads is impressive because they are allocated at the bottom and they disappear when you widen the screen.

Sponsored cards

Sponsored ads are the ones that directly go to the main content. The ad is displayed for a few sec only, so we should click it as soon as possible, this option is the most advantageous method to display it on youtube to advertise the product.

All these ads have their advantages and flaws too. Let it be any ads the vendor should make look as attractive to attract the customers for better results, and target the specific customers.

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