Tips to create SEO-friendly website

create SEO friendly website

Tips to create SEO-friendly website

In this global pandemic, small and big businesses alike have understood the value of digital presence. Every now or then, we can see a plethora of websites on browsers. But, do you know that to make Google and different search engines find your website among millions of websites, it is mandated to make it an SEO-friendly website? Search bots will crawl each page of your web effectively, understand the content, and index your website in its database. In this detailed post, I would highlight the various tips to create an SEO-friendly website.

Starting with the basics, the two major parts of Google SEO website design and development strategies are:

  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization

On-page optimization

This strategy plays a vital role in how the search bots will crawl and interpret the content on your website. The factors which fall under this category are solely in control of the website owner. The on-page optimization strategies include:

  1. Doing keyword research, opting for the right keywords and topics, and place them at an appropriate place on the website
  2. Making the correct usage of title tags, image alt tags, header tags, and the meta description tag in the website
  3. For ease of users and search engines, creating an optimized URL
  4. Building internal links, navigation, and information architect that helps search engines can crawl the website efficaciously which also meets the user’s expectation
  5. Pen down the informative and great content so that it can have the benefit of inbound links while off-page optimization. Use multitude types of content, such as audio, visuals, lists, and text.
  6. Set up a responsive website design that provides a great user experience across a wide range of electronic devices.
  7. Design a visually appalling website that will help to build your brand.

Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization refers to a group of activities done outside the website to increase earned links and website authority after doing social media mentions. As a result, SEO rankings and traffic gets increased of the website. The off-page optimization strategies include:

  1. Keep monitoring the competitor’s activities to have a better understanding of the competitors’ strategies that are helping them to excel in the search results
  2. Have Inbound links which use keyword-rich anchor text
  3. Getting inbound links from sites considered authoritative by the search engines
  4. Earning links to deep content within your website

White Hat and Black Hat Website SEO

SEO techniques can be divided into another two groups: 

· White hat techniques are the ones that are following the search engines and are the advised ways of improving rankings by Google. These techniques also provide an amazing website design experience and enhance traffic and sales

· Black hat techniques are those ways which manipulate the search engines and result in Google penalties. Historically, these Black Hat techniques were used to achieve high rankings quickly. However, search engines continually keep updating their algorithms to detect such methods.

· Purchasing links

· Selling links

· Keyword spamming

· Hidden content and links

· Keyword stuffing

· Use of the gateway and the mirror pages

· Hiding links on your website

When SEO Web Design is done correctly

Adding SEO services to a website design process will make it search engine friendly, create a better user experience, and help businesses meet their online marketing objectives. Get in touch with Elite Digital, the best SEO Company in Ludhiana, if you want us to help you create a professional SEO-friendly website, doing a complete overhaul or redesign.