Best Craft CMS Plugins For Better Performance

CMS Plugins

A Content Management System (CMS) is used to update and publish content on a website. These tools are used as they require very less or no coding knowledge. It uses a database to keep and display the content.

Craft CMS is one of the fastest-growing content management systems that comes with ultimate security. With little coding and customisation, you can get a website for your business and get unmatched results on a responsive website.

The community of Craft CMS works on plugins in it. With the great plugin support, it is evolving as the best platform for content management and website development. A Craft CMS agency can help you with custom plugin development if you want that much flexibility.

How to install a plugin in Craft CMS

You should know how to install a plugin in the CMS. In Craft CMS, it is an easy process where you can find and install both free and paid plugins. To install it, you can browse Craft 3 plugins and install from there based on categories.

When you click on the plugin, it will open a new tab with detailed information about the plugin. You can get detailed information like licence information, screenshots, and active instals from there.

How to select a plugin for Craft CMS

The plugins add functionality and you should know if you need that functionality or not. Before choosing a plugin, you should know that the plugin offers technical support and regular updates. This criterion will help you get a plugin with security.

You should also consider the user base of the plugin and reviews on the same. Meanwhile, you should avoid going for a plugin that comes with no customer support.

Best plugins for Craft CMS

You can significantly increase your website’s functionality, effectiveness, speed, security, and user-friendliness by choosing the appropriate and suitable plugins.

Plugins are needed for improving the overall performance of a website. Here are some of the top plugins that can help your website to become more flexible and ease the process.


This SEO plugin is the best SEO tool that Craft CMS supports. It makes the best use of metadata and follows the best and the latest SEO techniques. It implements major social tags and every crucial directive that is helpful in ranking on search engines. This is a paid plugin.


With the help of a custom field, the Linkit plugin for Craft CMS is used for linking and validating user personal information and other relevant information like contact numbers, URLs, email addresses, etc. It saves information automatically and reduces development time. It is very helpful for both developers and website content managers.


This plugin is used for fast websites. With the help of cached pages, it reduces overall laytime and enables quick navigation for users on the Craft CMS website. It has many customisation features that can be optimised with need.


Email marketing is very important for every business. With the help of a campaign plugin, Craft CMS utilises email marketing to the fullest. It is compatible to create campaigns and send to mailing lists with the help of this plugin. With this, users get real-time reports with synced contact information.


Spring plugin is used to create reactive components in a CMS with the help of twig templates. Features like live search, adding more buttons, pagination, filtering, and unlimited scrolling are added with this plugin in Craft CMS. It can be performed without refreshing the page.


This plugin is used to control the ability to edit colours on a website. It gives the option to change colours within a website and it is also used by picking a colour and the area where the colour is used. It can also create different colour palettes as per the user’s needs.

Enupal Translate

Enupal Translate records each translation string from your Craft CMS templates. It has a nice user interface that helps filter and search translated strings in a website. Users can easily export and import CSV translation files with this and translated files are synced to the database.


This plugin is used to build a website that uses page information from rich media websites and supports integration from major social media platforms and media streaming services. With a strong caching feature, it also allows quick content editing without a page reload feature.


It enables flexible content management for the users. It uses in-built content fields and creates page layouts for better presentation. Neo is also helpful in creating flexible components and creating dynamic and engaging page layouts.


This is a free plugin that is developed by Pixel and Tonic. It is a plugin for integrating the Stripe payment gateway for the business. It eliminates the need for user payment details every time and keeps the data secure on the platform.


It is a paid plugin that is powerful and easy to use for Craft CMS. It handles redirects 404 to 301 easily and manages connections precisely. Retour is a preferred redirection tool and is used by many. Data import is easy with CSV files and automatic slug updates and multi-site capabilities make rebuilding a website a smooth process.


This free plugin keeps every search in synchronisation. With this, users can also create many indices and keep objects up to date. Scout is developed by Studio Espresso and used for adding Algolia search.


This plugin has matric blocks that are used for the layout and structure of a dynamic page. This is the best plugin if a website has many blocks in any field. It organises and manages matrix blocks into tabs and keeps the text block under a single tab.

Get the Best Plugin and Enhance the Flexibility of Your Platform

There are plenty of useful plugins in the Craft CMS and it is not limited to these. You can make almost everything with these plugins and create a great content management system with ease. There are plenty of Drupal developers UK to help you with custom plugins and website development on a CMS.