Cracking the Instagram Code: 4 Study-Based Lessons for Brands


Today’s world is data-driven. According to IDC’s ‘Data Age 2025’, the world’s data will grow to 175 zettabytes in 2025. Since data plays an important role in almost every aspect of our lives, they also matter in our marketing strategies. 

Understanding how people use Instagram and leveraging those insights to inform your brand strategy is paramount to success.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the findings of a recent study of Passport.Photo-Online on Instagram usage and the key takeaways for brands. Do you wonder how to effectively navigate the ever-changing Instagram landscape and make your brand stand out? Would you like to learn the latest trends, behaviors, and preferences of Instagram users and how your brand can effectively leverage them? 

So, grab your coffee, and let’s crack the Instagram code!

Lesson 1: KISS: Keep It Short, Stupid!

Watch your mouth – and count your words!

When creating content for social media, you probably often wonder how long it should be. It’s a common dilemma: I face it myself, too. A short text may be too short to bring value to the reader. On the other hand, a lengthy one may bore the audience and overwhelm them with the amount of information.

How to solve this? Let’s ask Instagram users!

According to the Passport-Photo.Online study, 89% of Instagrammers prefer short-form content (<1,000 words) over long-form content (1,000+) when it comes to text posts from brands specifically.

So, paraphrasing the famous KISS rule: keep it short, stupid! Sharing short-form content makes you more likely to engage your Instagram audience.

Lesson 2: Ignite your social media strategy with creativity

We asked people what content they enjoy the most from companies on Instagram. And guess what?

A whopping 66% of respondents pointed out creativity.

It was also found that consumers prefer content that is informative (62%), fun (58%), personally relevant (53%), inspiring (48%), beautifully produced (42%), and educational (41%). While informative and educational content still holds relevance, the data clearly indicates that customers crave a sparkle of creativity and fun on their Instagram feeds.

It’s time to unleash your creativity and let it soar! You can dive into the world of successful campaigns and let them inspire you to explore the boundless potential of your ideas.

Lesson 3: Don’t miss your products on your Instagram feed

Your Instagram feed is for more than just building audience engagement. It’s also a prime place for showcasing your products. Let me tell you why.

A whopping 85% of people in the US have used Instagram to discover new products or services. That’s a huge opportunity for your brand to be discovered by potential customers. But here’s the kicker – 79% of people had admitted that Instagram had actually inspired them to make purchases from businesses, even when they weren’t actively looking to do so. 

That means your Instagram presence is a golden opportunity to showcase your offerings and capture the attention of potential customers. After all, Instagram is where people are actively looking for new products. So, you don’t have to rely only on building relationships with your audience.

Presenting your products should be part of your content because that’s what your audience expects you to do.

Lesson 4: Target the Gen Z

When it comes to shopping on social media, Instagram is the platform of choice for Gen Zers. 

The Passport-Photo.Online study revealed that 71% of users would pick Instagram over other social networks for making purchases. However, the results vary among different demographics. A staggering 82% of users aged 25 or younger would choose Instagram over other social networking sites, while only 55% of those aged 55 and above share the same preference.

It’s clear that Gen Zers have a strong preference for this platform compared to other generations.

This data indicates it’s crucial for businesses to tap into this audience to maximize their sales potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and cater to this dominant consumer group on Instagram.

We cracked the Instagram code for you – now it’s your turn! Put those insights into action and watch the result. 

Remember that each business is unique, so the outcome may vary – but you won’t know unless you give it a try, will you? I believe discovering the winning strategy is worth the experimentation, risk, and effort.