How To Use Corporate Gifting as a Digital Marketing Strategy?

corporate gifting

One beautiful gesture to strengthen business relationships is to share gifts with the company’s stakeholders. It is the means by which a company can express its gratitude and say out loud how much it values business relationships.

Gifting can help a great deal in sustaining your business. It is an excellent marketing tool for a business. Going forward, we will discuss how to use corporate gifting as a marketing strategy.

Why is corporate gifting important?

Corporate gifting can be a very effective digital marketing strategy for your company. Surviving competition is a tough task and to stand apart from the crowd you have to distinguish yourself. What more can you do, than make the people connected to the business feel valued.

1. Gifting can create brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is very important to sustain in business. To make customers visit you, again and again, they should feel connected to your brand. Brand goodwill once created, can help a long way in pulling customers back. People do not look up to alluring offers too, once they are addicted to a brand. 

2. Gifting can retain clients

By creating loyalty in clients, gifting helps to retain them for a long. The long-term association is again rewarded with a gift and this keeps the business and the client in a good relationship. When there are so many competing brands available, it is a challenge to retain customers for a long time. 

3. Gifting is a cost-effective strategy

Corporate gifting can be said to be a cost-effective marketing strategy. A traditional form of advertisement does not have any guarantee of gaining customers in comparison to the cost spent. But, gifting lights up the recipient and makes them committed to being associated with the brand. Digital marketing helps in reaching more people at the same time and that too at a much lesser cost. Using corporate gifting as a digital marketing strategy can do wonders for the company.

Corporate Gifting as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Let us now look at how corporate gifting can be used as a marketing strategy.

1. New product launches

When a new product launch is planned for a trade show, corporate gifting can be effectively employed as a marketing strategy. Gifts can be given to prospective clients too to create an impression. The customized gifts carry your company logo and name and stay in the mind of the receiver. A trade show is a place visited by many people and is the best place to gain more new clients.

2. Festive occasions

Festivals are the other occasions where you can use corporate gifting. People are delighted to receive gifts during festivals. Clients are impressed by the concern of the company in gifting them on an occasion special to them. This marketing strategy can help retain clients for a long time. You may consider giving corporate Diwali gifts, new years gifts, christmas presents, and more.

3. Business conferences

Conferences are also a way to use corporate gifting and promote your business. You have two-fold achievement in doing so. As a company, you pass on the message that you value your clients and also promote your brand at the same time.

4. New contract achievement

Use the opportunity of bagging a new contract to give away gifts to clients. Long-standing customers should be made aware of your milestone. Sharing gifts on such occasions makes them feel very special. This strategy helps in increasing their confidence in the brand and paves way for many more years of a committed relationship. 

5. Client appreciation

Gifts may be given just to recognize the clients and their association. For example, clients involved in active business for a continuous term of say 10, 15, or 20 years can be specially given mementos. That the business has a count on the number of years of association, gives a remarkable feeling to clients.

6. Project completion

You can use corporate gifting after successfully completing a project too. The contribution of each committed member of the team needs to be recognized and rewarded. It is an important marketing strategy that a company should follow.

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Cooperation between the various sections of people from clients is essential for successful project completion. This can be expected in the next project too when the effort is highlighted and the people involved are rewarded. 

7. While meeting a potential client

It is a prudent practice to use a corporate gifting strategy while meeting with a potential client. When you realize how important the association with the new client is, you should make it felt to the other side too. Potential clients are very important for the business and it is important that they aren’t diverted to the competitor’s side.

Impress the client in the first meeting itself so that it paves way for signing a new contract. That should be yet another occasion to share gifts.

8. Exhibitions

Product exhibitions are yet another opportunity to provide gifts to clients who will be visiting. It is a method of getting your products closer to the clients. You also have many prospective clients in exhibitions. They need to be informed about your brand presence so that they look up to you for the next deal.

Corporate gifting facilitates smoother relationships and gives identity to your brand. Gifting ideas during exhibitions can be your product samples too.

9. Marketing campaigns

You could also use corporate gifting as a strategy during your marketing campaigns. Campaigns may be for promoting a new product, informing about upgrades in existing products and services, etc.

It is an opportunity to meet the clients and share gifts to appreciate their association with the business. It creates a positive impact and helps you achieve the task of bringing the product closer to clients. 

Final Thoughts

Corporate gifting is undoubtedly a very interesting strategy to promote your business. Any tangible gift will be stored in memory for a long and be the foundation for long-term association. Once you establish a personal connection with your clients, there is no looking back.

A dedicated team in the organization who works towards client satisfaction through gifts will be a good addition to your company. Fortify your bond with the client through your corporate gifting strategies.