Content Marketing and its 4 Examples

Content Marketing

Why do marketers exert an effort in conducting Content Marketing? It is beneficial because people find valuable content that provides information on specific products or services. This technique boosts customer’s awareness and may encourage them to patronize something especially if they find it beneficial. It will provide them with an idea that there is a possible solution to satisfy their needs so they will be researching it. In order to identify what product or service will suit their necessities, they need valuable content. 

There is a huge tendency that buyers will do benchmarking and a simple comparative analysis to ensure that they will acquire the best offerings. In the right time, price, quality and source. Then these customers will decide to purchase the product or service due to the information they have gathered. So that’s how content marketing generates sales, through adding value to the audience. 

Here are the 4 examples of Content Marketing

1. Webpages

This is the typical way of providing content to users. A useful content is posted on a website or webpage that people can visit anytime through various search engine tools like Google. The page contains optimize keywords for SEO purposes or Search Engine Optimization that will allow the website to rank higher in organic searches. Of course, the content must be reliable, popular and reputable so that many users can view it as the search engine will show it to them due its relevance. It should contain valuable content about the products, services, about the brand and current trends and issues related to their business. Then link it to their references and some reading resources that viewers may look into.

2. Videos

Content marketing through creating informative videos and publishing on social media platforms is also an effective strategy. It is quite expensive and time consuming to shoot a video and edit it but the results are worth it. Since this serves as a visual and auditory content that is very understandable by the audience rather than just reading a lengthy content. This could be easier for content creators as they can freely express themselves through communicating on the video. For instance, if you are a real estate investor, you can create an introduction about your team and company. It could be regarding the process of selling houses or the company background and the like. Such as stating how convenient it is to sell a house fast in Spartanburg County

3. Infographics

This is typically a long vertical visual with written details and catchy graphics. It can contain numerical and qualitative data, bar graphs, pie charts and so on. Information is being presented in a creative and concise technique to ensure that readers will not be bored. At the same time, they can easily understand the message on the infographics. Moreover, you can post it on various platforms such as social media, websites or even print it and post it on a bulletin board. In fact, creating infographics in just an hour is possible since some applications offer readily available templates that you can customize like what Canva has. If you wanted to demonstrate a picture or instruction to your audience, infographics could really help you.

4. Books

Intelligent marketers use books as a marketing tool, not for the purpose of just selling it to obtain profits. Selling books is one way to entice people that it contains valuable advice and realistic phenomena that can help people in their lives. It drives customers to patronize the services you offer by looking more reliable and credible since you introduce yourself as an author. You may seek assistance from well-known publishers to publish your book or even self-publish it which is easier. Though it might look difficult since most of the time, professional authors often self-published their books on some major platforms. Just make an important content on your book and publish it so that you can offer it to the market. This will build your reputation as a credible person or business owner so regardless if people will read your book or not, you have an existing personality that you can confidently present to your target market.