What Type of Content Gets More Likes and Views on Youtube?

Likes and Views on Youtube

If you are one of those people who are venturing into the world of video creation and see yourself becoming a top creator or manager of successful and popular youtube channels, then there is one thing you should be absolutely well versed in and that is – What type of content draws the most amount of views and engagement on a website or youtube?

Note- you probably also know about how selling merchandise is one of the most successful ways to monetize a youtube channel, so make sure you cash in on that idea for sure! 

Below we will talk about a few of such types of videos that tend to attract a huge amount of audience, and also be a base for a very successful and engaging youtube channel. 

Music Covers

It is no secret that youtube has been the platform that gave us musical geniuses like Justin Bieber and Panic! At the Disco and that is the reason why many talented musicians have their way to this amazing video platform with a dream in their eyes to become popular. 

And one of the most ideal ways to do this is by performing covers of already famous songs. With a subscriber count of more than 4 million, British Singer Conor Maynard is one of the most popular musicians that came from Youtube. Maybe you can be the next big thing?


There was a time when pranks practically dominated the whole platform, ranging from silly and harmless practical jokes to controversial stunts that even got the creator in front of law authorities. Today even though it seems that pranks are not as popular as before, they still have the potential to kick start a youtube channel and make it successful. 

Without even a speck of a doubt, the most famous prank channel on youtube is PrankVSPrank. With a rather simple premise, a couple that pranks each other and records it in videos. It is very entertaining, to be honest. 

Trekking Videos

If there is something that people absolutely love and enjoy doing, it is trekking. Roaming in the mountains, exploring the most magnificent of sceneries and just being there among nature. And of course, people similarly like to watch such content when they are at their home, during their leisure time. 

Vloggers who post such content, where they record themselves while travelling, hiking, trekking and biking through the most mesmerising of places are sure to attract a huge chunk of the audience, so yes it is something that always brings in the most views and likes to your channel.

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Youtube is the absolutely perfect destination to find parodies and many keen-eyed people have already noticed that. There have been many channels that tried to profit from this type of content, but a few have managed to actually do it gracefully. 

How it should have ended or HISHE is one of the funniest channels on youtube, the animated videos they create about how various movies should have ended are beautifully written and also produced very professionally. 


Similar to how Ranveer Brar teaches us how to make the perfect Punjabi dal Tadka or how Kunal Kapoor shows us the right way to fold our samosas, these channels show a step by step guide to making a perfect recipe. The only major difference lying here is the amount of creativity they are allowed to put in their videos. 

The best example is ‘You suck at cooking’, yes we are not joking that is the name of an actual channel. The channel does simple recipes along with their unique humour and not much seriousness. 

Educational Videos

Rather self-explanatory, these are videos that are made with the intent of educating and teaching the viewers about certain topics or subjects. 

CrashCourse is one such educational channel, that covers a wide array of topics including world history to computer science, the enthusiastic hosts that they bring in for these videos are sure a treat to watch and learn from. 

The Couple Vlog

If you are someone who is in a relationship and often hears people tell you about how cute and adorable you guys are together, then you probably have what it takes to make a very successful couples vlog channel. Based on what made the #CoupleGoals are so popular in the first place, these kinds of videos make you feel all fuzzy and fun inside. 

One such couple that is absolutely adorable and blesses us with their fun videos is Carrie Hope Fletcher and Pete Bucknall, both of them absolutely love music and Disney like any other sane human. If that’s not cute enough for you to tap on their thumbnail, we do not know what is. 

Product Reviews

What do you do when you have to replace your smartphone or laptop or have to buy a new tv for your bedroom or a new toaster oven for your kitchen? That’s right! You watch their reviews on youtube. A video where the creator only talks about a particular product, no-nonsense. Reviews, in general, are very successful on youtube from Movies to technology, everything!