Cloud Hosting Solutions

cloud hosting solutions

In this era of the Cloud, everyone is moving towards its flexibility. Security and performance are also high on their list for why businesses should be using cloud hosting services over traditional data centers. Lastly, a pricing model tied closely with SLAs keeps them coming back again!

Cloud hosting solutions have a lot of benefits, but it’s important to know what options are available.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the best choice for small websites. It allows multiple user accounts on a single server, which makes it easy to secure and upgrade as needed without any downtime or interruptions in service whatsoever!

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting is a great option for those who know their way around servers. You’re not sharing it with anyone, and you can easily manage things from afar without ever having to touch the physical equipment!

VPS Hosting:

The best way to keep your site up and running no matter what happens is by using a virtual private server. If you’re worried about hardware failure, then this is the perfect solution!

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is a type of high-availability system which ensures your site’s availability by providing multiple virtual servers.

Shared VS Cloud

The most obvious difference between shared hosting and dedicated servers is performance. With a shared server, all of its resources are accessible by any number or users at once; this can lead to sluggish user experiences if one person consumes large chunks of capacity on the system – not only will they see leggy page loads but other people’s websites might have errors too because there won’t be enough bandwidth left over in order for them load up quickly enough! In contrast, with dedicated hardware assigned specifically just for each website owner’s site (like AWS Lambda), you get pinpoint accuracy when it comes time.

Cloud servers are a great way to ensure your site stays online all day, every day. Unlike shared hosting which can be spotted by spikes in traffic and has low resources for each user (which leads many times-to 503 error pages), cloud server have better uptime because they’re only accessed by paying customer so there is no need worry about how much bandwidth or memory someone else might use up when you don’t want them using it!

Cloud Servers will provide high performance with minimal downtime – excellent news if anything should happen on one of these boxes while yours isn’t available.

How To Choose The Right Hosting For Your Business?

There’s no right answer for every company and what works best will depend on who they are as well as where in the world those particular prospects or clients live! If you have never considered hosting before, it’s best to start with something small such as shared hosting for now and work up from there when necessary. On the other hand if this has been an area of concern then cloud based solutions may be better suited – they can handle large traffic loads while still being easy enough to manage so even newbies will feel at home in no time!

Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Cloud infrastructure providers are the backbone of the cloud hosting industry. 

Amazon Web Services:

The most recognizable brand with the largest cloud user base, and it’s not even close. Amazon offers sixteen data centers distributed globally – more than Google or Microsoft could ever hope to have at their disposal (or anywhere else).

Google Cloud Platform:

Google is a reliable infrastructure provider with thirteen data centers.

Digital Ocean:

Cloud services are often expensive, but Digital Ocean says their data centers offer twelve perfectly located locations to keep your information safe.


Vultr is a new hosting company that will have your website up and running in no time. It offers reliable bandwidth with powerful servers, not to mention 15 data centers across the world for maximum speed!


Linode is a new approach to cloud hosting, with data centers located around the world. It provides developer-friendly cloud hosting solutions that offer a high quality of service at an affordable price, all while maintaining security and integrity for customers’ valuable content as if they were right in front of you!


Container based hosting for websites that are always under attack. When you sign up to KYUP, the provider scales your server resources according to a preset threshold so it never goes down and can handle any traffic spikes with ease.

If you’re feeling left behind in the pursuit of high performance managed cloud hosting. Backup Technology can help you to grow your business and provide the best experience to your visitors.